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Jun 18, 2009 05:53 AM

That Perfect Hot Dog

I found a contender. Shopping at the Whole Foods near the BArnes' new lot in Fairmount, I spotted what turned out to be Coleman meat, on what was described as a 'garlic knockwurst', with no preservatives, no food coloring also I think. I don't think the brand was Coleman though.

Natural pork casings; this was a seriously good hot dog, with yummy tasts, crunchy skin--real heft to it that requires chewing carefully. Even my husband, who is no fan of hot dogs asked for a second.

The package was only twelve ounces, and the dogs within were smallish, not the fat fellows I think of when I hear the word knockwurst. But, the taste was right, and at either $3.99 or $4.99 per package, it brought back the pleasures of childhood. Another bonus: salt content, at 550 mg of sodium per dog was less than one usually finds in hot dogs.

Our guilty pleasure--I really did not think of health issues as I was eating it. Can anyone locate, and verify my find here, or tell of other unusually good dogs? Darn it all, my Mother was a gourmet cook, and the only thing I never got enough of were really good hot dogs. Or any hot dogs for that matter, growing up.

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  1. I always stop for a dog and soda on my way out of Costco. Big, fat Hebrew National dogs on big, fat buns. $1.61 incl. tax.

    1. I only get the hot dogs from Halteman's in the Reading Terminal Market. "All Natural German Hotdogs" is how they are labeled and they are "links" still tied together with string. Thin dogs, but long-ish, snappy casing, great flavor.

      1. I find that Boar's Head or Hartmann's (available at Wegmans) both make a great hot dog. Boar's Head are a thin dog, tied together with string, and are quite snappy. All dogs are great with Yocco's sauce as well!

        1. Being in PA you should have access to Wegmans, which means you should have access to Sahlen's hot dogs, which are the pride of Buffalo/Western NY. Rated by those on and others as one of the top 5 dogs, especially on the grill.