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Jun 18, 2009 03:56 AM

Are Alphonso mangoes still available?

I called a couple of places last night and one guy told me they weren't in season. But I just heard a story about them on NPR. Hoping ot try them out. A post from a couple of months ago said markets in Waltham had them. Has anyone seen them recently?

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  1. The alphonso are out of season. All Indians I talked to said they like the kesar mangos more and I agreed after trying both. I suggest you head over to Patel Brothers or Waltham Indian Grocery on Moody St to grab yourself a box as this is probably the last shipment available. The box from Patel Brothers ($30) will need a week to ripe while the box from the Indian Grocery ($20) next door is ready for immediate enjoyment. I just bougth two boxes from each store and they each have about 20 boxes left.

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      Thanks for the report. Based on it, I just scored a box of mangoes at Patel's. When I got home I noticed a sticker on the box that said they were irradiated (on June 17, so yes these were shipped via air). I wonder if that is inevitable; whether it is to extend the shelf life or merely to convince food and agriculture officials that it is safe to allow the mangoes to pass the border (no insects or plant-born diseases to worry about). Does anybody know? Are all mangoes from India sold here similarly treated?

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        We headed over today, and Patel's still had about a dozen boxes. We brought one home, and one of the mangoes was perfectly yellow and ready for eating. The rest are green in various stages of yellowing.

        WOW! So good--a hint of rose flavor and so juicy. Thanks for the recommendation. I wish I had bought more than one box.

        1. re: jessieinbelmont

          They have to be irradiated to be allowed into this country for the second reason you mentioned. You should have also bought a much cheaper box from the store next door; they're ready to eat now and the so ridiculously sweet.