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Jun 17, 2009 11:57 PM

Mi Madre's

I ate there with three other people this past Sunday - about 12:30 pm. Visited off and on over the last few years since moving into the area five years ago. The service was great, and the atmosphere was good - families, couples, people lazily reading the paper. Good vibe.

The food was terrible. I ordered a New Mexico pork dish, and my GF ordered some kind of beef dish. Others ordered an assortment of breakfast tacos.

I cannot confirm it, but the meat in my GF's dish and my own, tasted like it had come frozen and pre-seasoned/cooked in a bag. My GF joked that it had "meat" flavoring. Both tasted like beef stew out of a can, with an added healthy portion of MSG.

Though, not expecting much, I was embarrassed taking out of town guests here. Next time, I guess I should order more simply - and order breakfast tacos or something.


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  1. I usually stick with their no. 1 and 2 dinner equivalents. breakfast is usually passable.

    1. get the milanesa . . beef . . . not on the menu. it's really really good here. yes, some things aren't that good . . you have to know what to order, and certainly what to not order. the migas tacos are good, the machacado greasy AND good. fajitas are awful. salsa tastes like garlic, tomatoes, and loads of black pepper - i like it as do most folks i take there. also, the sausage in the sausage omelet is DIVINE. also not on the menu. funny eh? the best dishes aren't on the menu. barbacoa = not good here.

      1. This place has a really cool patio. I think I enjoyed the enchiladas but it has been a while.