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Jun 17, 2009 11:45 PM

Crab in June? Or other good seafood ideas.

A friend of mine is coming to visit next week for her birthday, and her birthday dinner wish is for crab. Maybe other shellfish, but crab is the ideal. I know it's not in season, but hey, it's her birthday, and a big one, and it's what she wants, so I'd like for her to have a good birthday dinner. My standard seafood places are not what she would want -- Sea Salt might be a little too fancy foodwise for her, and raw is no go, so no Bar Crudo, Hog Island, etc. (and Aqua is way out of the price range, plus I don't like the food there, and I know that she wouldn't). All I can think of is Crustacean, but there must be something else out there. San Francisco (and accessible by public transportation) or anywhere in Berkeley/Oakland or nearabouts is fine. East Bay is probably better, but I'm flexible. Thanks for any suggestions, they are much appreciated.

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  1. Anchor Bar in the Castro is a tasty spot. It's a small place, not crazy expensive but not cheap either. You should call ahead to see if they have crab though.

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        I emailed the birthday girl with all the possibilities that I thought of, including links to websites/menus of the choices, and she picked Sea Salt. It was a great meal, and we even had crab, the crab cakes, and they were some of the best crab cakes that either of us had either had, so that was a big success.

        The next day we went to Yank Sing for her first dim sum experience, and there were a lot of great seafood based choices there as well, and she loved it.