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Jun 17, 2009 10:51 PM

Orange blossom water in SD

Anyone know where to get orange blossom water in San Diego?

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  1. I found it at BevMo... the Mission Valley location, to be specific, but the others will probably have it.

    There are a few Indian and Middle Eastern groceries in SD that would also be worth checking out. North Park Produce on El Cajon Blvd. is Middle Eastern and there are Indian markets on Black Mountain Rd. (Mira Mesa/Miramar) and Clairemont.

    1. Try Balboa International Market (5907 Balboa Ave). They also have a small "restaurant" inside which is highly rcommended for good Middle Eastern food. (Look for their special rice menu on the counter to choose one of their great rice side dishes).

      1. I found some at North Park Produce. There's one on H Street in Chula Vista and one on El Cajon Blvd.

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          Beth1, you live in Escondido, right? You should check out Cedars International Market on Escocondido and 8th/7th. I bought ob water there a couple of years ago. It's a tiny store, but he packs a lot of Middle Eastern and Eastern European products into the space. I do love going to North Park Produce when I'm in the area, but Cedars keeps me stocked, and I always discover something new there.

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            Thanks. I will give them a try. Perhaps this week. And it's only a block away from Peterson's, so maybe the husband will want to go too.

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            Thanks all! I found it in North Park Produce. What a cool little store.

            I used it to make Orange blossom chenna with drunken cherries. Delicious! Described here:


          3. I don't live in San Diego, but it's a staple in Persian/middle eastern markets. Don't buy it at a gourmet store or you'll pay a huge premium. That and rose water are very affordable at the little middle east groceries.

            1. Sahel Bazar
              7467 Cuvier St, La Jolla

              I love this store ... strange to find one like it in La Jolla!