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Jun 17, 2009 09:41 PM

Any Info on Patris

Checking for new eat's in NO and was directed to Patris (near Clancy's). Anybody out there tried thihs place?

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  1. I think you are referring to Patois on Laurel. I have been there several times and really like the pheasant breast as well as the rabbit. As far as I know , they serve, brunch on weekends, lunch and dinner. Who directed you there, if you don't mind me asking. Food is good, you just don't hear too many visitors (you may be a local) asking about this place. Really like the food, but we have not been there in a while. If there is a Patris I am not familiar with it.

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      yes, if it is Patois, agree W/ScarlettNola about it being very good. I like their gumbo, mussels and pomme frites, and the rabbit tenderloin. Brunch is also good, with a few added brekkie items. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend or go for any meal there.

    2. Patois is a definite yes. Have had brunch, lunch, and dinner there, always with other diners so we all got to taste a wide range of things. Everyone was happy. And because it is a little out of the way for tourists, it still has an undiscovered feel. I love the setting, too.

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          LOVE their mussels. Thanks for the reminder, I forget about this place...not on the beaten path, will have to go again soon.