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Jun 17, 2009 09:26 PM

Soft drinks with balls

Looking for beverages that are non-alcoholic that have strong and interesting flavours. Grace's ginger beer is one good example. Available in Ontario is another criteria.

Blended bevvies from ingredients would also be helpful. Cheers

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  1. Mr. Gouda's Ginger Beer is also a strong flavoured drink.

    Limonata is my favourite widely available lemon flavour soda.

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    1. re: middydd

      Believe it or not, the President's Choice "Jamaican Style Ginger Beer" has more spicy ginger kick than either Grace's or Mr Gouda's ginger beer. It's my fave!

      1. re: redearth

        Have to try it, thanks. Don't know how I've missed it, I've tried every other Ginger Beer I've ever seen sold.

        1. re: middydd

          By chance I had my first taste ofl it today. At first it tasted like Diet Sprite or Diet 7-Up (it's not a diet pop though) but then the ginger kicked in and kicked the sweetness out. I thought I was drinking carbonated, mild hot sauce! Ginger beer is one of those things I never got around to but will now try the other ones mentioned here for sure.

    2. Just remembered another, Bulk Barn sometimes has the GUS (Grown Up Soda) line, the pomegranate and cranberry lime are the ones I find most flavourful. And they're not too sweet.

      HomeSense has had Agrumi citrus sodas from Italy, they're tasty.

      1. Chinotto is kind of like an Italian cola, with a slightly bitter and strong taste. I can't say I'm a fan, but you might be.

        Not sure of the brand, but I've had a Sarsaparilla drink that can be found in several a Chinese food stores. It's the original flavouring agent for root beer, but the taste was fairly distinct from all root beers I have ever had. (Slightly sour/bitter too.)

        Pocari Sweat from Japan is not really strong flavoured, but interesting... however, its intention is to replenish electrolytes after exercise. Some people say it tastes differently to them after they just worked out, vs beforehand.

        Guarana Antarctica is a mellow tasting and mildly sweet, fresh tasting beverage from Brazil. However, it has a side benefit of a stimulant effect; the guarana berry extract is common in energy drinks after the legal caffeine limit is reached. I'd say it tastes closest to a citrus carbonated beverage, but unlike 7up, Sprite or Mountain Dew.

        1. Bawls (just kidding).

          Try some of the drinks at Chinese/Korean/Japanese supermarkets. Asparagus juice (smells like asparagus pee, tastes... like asparagus pee with sugar), green pumpkin juice, etc. are things I don't think I could ever enjoy, but they're definitely strong and interestingly flavoured.

          Then there's a lot of nice teas, interesting sodas, and some really great ones too, including one of my favourite beverages ever: CC Lemon.

            1. re: haggisdragon

              Second the Irn Bru! Also, if you ever see Dry Soda, try it! They are truly amazing - not sweet at all, and very interesting flavours...


              1. re: redearth

                I am trying to remember where I saw Dandelion & Burdock - the one with the natural flavourings. As a one-off try Cream Soda, another trad Brit / Caribbean drink.

                And it you want a drink with balls, try bubble tea.

                1. re: Paulustrious

                  D&B is available at most grocery stores and any british shops. I love the stuff something fierce.