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Jun 17, 2009 08:42 PM

Anything new in portland?

We've eaten at Hugo's , Fore Street, and 555 ; great places all. Is there any new delicious spot like those three?

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  1. I recommend you research Bresca, Evangeline and Caiola.

    1. Highly recommend Caiola's in the West End.

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      1. re: susan7834

        Agree, all 3 are excellent, but make sure you make a reservation, I've been to both Bresca's and Caiola's recently and all tables were filled.

      2. Im sure its not new- but I had a really wonderful meal at The Street &Co last fall. There was also a Creperie just down the street that was delicious for breakfast.

        1. Maybe not new, but worth trying and a little less fussy. Rachels L'osteria, Pat's Cafe, Dogfish (union station), Milk street, Blue Spoon, Katahdin, The Greek Corner and if you have a moment to drive north Sea Grass Bistro is wonderful in yarmouth

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          1. re: sk46

            Who and where is Milk Street ????
            Rachels is osum..
            Is Katahdin still in business? Driven by and it looks deserted.
            When to Johnnies the other night, and had a wonderful meal.

            1. re: irwin

              Milk street is in the regency. I am not familiar with the word osum, katahdin is closed the week of July 4th and reopens the 7th and I don't know Johnnies is that an owner reference or a restaurant. thanks

              1. re: sk46

                Johnnies is a restaurant on Rt 1 in Falmouth next to Walmart.

                1. re: irwin

                  I think "osum" might be "awesome"??????

            2. re: sk46

              We ate at the Greek Corner (former Bandol space) and the food was mediocre and the place was an absolute pigsty.

              1. re: bewley

                Go to Emilitsa on Congress for Greek. It's fabulous.