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Jun 17, 2009 08:13 PM

patios close to union stn for dinner?

hello, this is a bit of a tall order considering my thoughts about the quality of restaurants close to union but my friend is looking to go out for dinner tomorrow in the downtown core. can anyone please recommend some decent spots close to union station for dinner? a patio would be nice but as i am writing this i realize that is likely to rain all day tomorrow! TIA

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  1. Depends on how far you are willing to walk and what you mean by "decent" I guess, but I can think of these off the top of my head:

    - Beer Bistro on King east of Yonge has a narrow patio up the side.

    - Hot House Cafe at Front and Church has a large patio

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    1. re: Gary

      Please please please don't go to Hot House Cafe. It is my least favourite restaurant in Toronto. I am forced to go with work lunches sometimes and it is just terrible. The last time I went the person across the table from me actually removed 2 or 3 spoonfulls of greese from the top of his lasagna before he started eating. I got my flat crust pizza and it was just dripping with greese. The time before I had ordered a pasta dish and the sause felt like I was eating tomato flavoured salt. My other meals have been veal chop with thick, salty gravy that was disgusting and the driest fish I've ever had in my life because it was so overcooked. I really wish I could never go there again, but they are the easist place to make reservations for 40 so I'm pretty sure I will have to... I'm going to get a burger I think next time because it may be the least likely to mess up.

      All the other suggestions so far I agree with though.

    2. Biff's Bistro has a really nice patio, just a short walk from Union Station, east of Yonge on Front. It's supposed to stop raining by tonight but the patio is sort of covered by lattice and greenery or something like that.

      4 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5J, CA

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        1. re: TorontoJo

          I think there are a few restos (chains) west of Union station on Front that have patios.

      1. Bymark's patio is really nice (and the food and drinks are good).

        1. Jump isn't too far a walk to Union Station and has a nice patio...

          1. You could also try Bier Markt at 58 The Esplanade, it has a nice patio. It's more casual the other good places suggested above (Bymark, Jump, Biff's (great choice BTW)).


            Mind you, so far today it is not patio weather... Good luck.

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            1. re: balthazar

              bier market ? the only thing good at bier market is the beer.

              the food their is tasteless, bland, and over price.

              i haven't been to bymark and jump. but the food at biff's is great.

              Bier Market
              58 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

              1. re: coconut lime

                You have to be careful with some of the beers at Bier Markt too. I've had beers that were clearly off there before. It may be because they have so many beers on tap that there isn't enough turnover for some of them. If you stick to more popular ones, this shouldn't be a problem though.

                The one beer I specifically remember being horrible was the Brooklyn Lager. I had never tried it before, so I figured it was just that I didn't like the beer. I later tried the beer elsewhere and realized it was one of my favourite beers.