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Jun 17, 2009 07:57 PM

Taiwanese, anyone?

I'm from Taiwan and have been pointed towards Flushing for good Taiwanese food. I'd appreciate any advice from the collective here! No one will make food as good as my aunties back home, but I would LOVE to find some good Taiwanese go-to's in and about NYC.

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    1. Oh, there's also Temple Snacks:

      Please note that they have moved to the Flushing Mall - the Roosevelt Food Court is closed.

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        1. re: scoopG

          Yep. If you go to Flushing Mall. Check out their food court... I also like Ah Chung's Oyster Noodles for their Oyster Noodle soup and rice plates too.

          1. re: bearmi

            Here's an older thread about the Flushing Mall...


            Check out Lau's profile, he knows a LOT about Taiwanese food!

            1. re: kathryn

              Yep. I think he shares a lot of his insights with us, which is great:)

              One problem with Flushing Mall food court is that a lot of stores come and go, especially on the left side... but I think the ones in the center and on the right side (Yong He, the Shaved Ice place, Ah Chung Nooodle, and Sichuan snack + Lanzhou Noodle) have been there for a while. Let's hope they will stay there for a long time to keep the good food there!

              1. re: bearmi

                hey, so as far as taiwanese goes, here's what I know:
                flushing mall: the main food court is fairly dominated by taiwanese places.
                - Mian Kou Xiao Chi: On the far left; its been highly covered on chound if you look it up; they are really known for their gua bao, which is pretty much the only thing I've ever had there...that said it's the best version ive had in NY
                - Yong He: named after the famous breakfast places in taiwan. Its sort of in the middle; it mainly specializes in breakfast stuff like xian dou jiang, fan tuan, sao bing you tiao, dan bing etc etc. I've only tried the dan bing (a couple weekends ago), its pretty good, id recommend the place for their dan bing
                - Ah Zhong: in the middle but more towards the right; its also named after that place in xi men ding in taipei (no idea whether its actually affiliated with it or just a poser, but they do have the same logo etc); they've got alot of taiwanese food like street food..i haven't tried it, but I have been meaning to try it for their mian xian, which obviously what Ah Zhong is known for

                Bei Gang (Main St Imperial Taiwanese): here's my report

                King 5 Noodle: this place is pretty good for breakfast, here's my report

                Gu Xiang (Gu Shine): here's my report, this is fairly decent and super cheap taiwanese, here's my report

                Nan Bei He: been meaning to try this place for a long time for breakfast, but still haven't gotten around to it, here's a report from BigJeff

                Yi Jia: haven't eaten here either, same report from BigJeff

                Red Chopsticks: mentioned above

                Lu's Seafood: this place has pretty good pai gu fan, I've had some other stuff here, but I don't really remember the other food; here's the yelp review:

                Unnamed taiwanese place: I just noticed this place the other day (haven't tried it and dont even know what it specializes in, just happened to notice it when I was walking by); its on Roosevelt bet Prince and College Point in the same center that Xiao La Jiao (Little Pepper) is in

                Happy Beef Noodle: this is a niu rou mian place, I haven't tried it, but it is advertised as a taiwanese niu rou mian place, here's the yelp reviews:

                I think that covers most of the taiwanese places in flushing

                1. re: Lau

                  Good rundown Lau - but the Taiwanese stall (Temple Snacks) on the far left at Flushing Mall is Miao (not Mian) Kou Xiao Chi - 廟口小吃 - a famous market in Jilong (Keelung) Taiwan as well as temple in Taipei.

                  1. re: scoopG

                    in taiwan, most of the temple markets are called miao-kou (mouth of temple): temples are surrounded by food markets with both produce as well as eats. the one in Keelung is indeed wonderous but also the one in Hsin-Chu and also throughout Taipei (of course overshined by Shih-Lin) and other big cities; it's more a generic name than a 'brand' name.

                    1. re: bigjeff

                      You're right - they are everywhere!

                    2. re: Lau

                      Lau, I believe the unnamed Taiwanese restaurant you're talking about is Xin Mei Hua Bian Dang (新美華便當). It specializes in the lunch boxes (bian dang). Their pork chop over rice is excellent. Comes with a small Chinese sausage, string beans (or some kind of veggie), pickled cabbage and a marinated egg. All for $6.50. I definitely recommend it. I've never eaten there, my family usually does take out. I think the address is 133-49 Roosevelt Ave.

                      1. re: teresa

                        that is likely the place b/c i dont think there is really anything else on that block between prince and college road besides that strip of does sort of look more take out type place (only a few tables)

                        sounds good, ill have to try although i believe the entire menu is only written in chinese (at least from what I could see on the street)...i can only read basic stuff

              2. I haven't been to Red Chopsticks ( yet, but I heard it's good (per my parents). Also, there's Gu-Shine and Main Street Imperial Taiwanese that are pretty good too.

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                1. re: teresa

                  I've been to Gu-Shine with a big group. It was fine, but not a place I'd go back to.

                  1. re: Wet Towel

                    I see what you are saying. I used to visit Gu Shine often based on recommendation of my Taiwanese friends but over the year I felt that their quality has slipped somewhat. I haven't been back for a couple of years now... I wonder if it has improved recently.

                2. try andy's seafood and grille; the place is in rego park, I haven't tried all of their dishes but the oyster triumvirate i had killed (o-a-jian, o-a-mi-sua and xian-su o-a); coverage in the village voice as well as on the board:


                  haven't been to red chopsticks in flushing (and there is another newish place too in Flushing but I can't remember) but I have been to Yi-Jia which is on the farther end of Kissena Boulevard, towards the LIE. The place is in a nest of mostly korean buildings, nearish to East Pavilion. Many of the standards (3-cup chicken, duck blood sauteed with veg, fried squid thing, etc.). It's pretty good.


                  1. I know that shabu shabu isn't only "Taiwanese", but Udu Cafe is owned by a Taiwanese and it reminds me so much of Taipei. They have flat screen LCDs so customers can watch Chinese news (and other stuff). Their shabu shabu is a little pricier than Minni's, but I they have more extensive menu. In fact, you can pick your broth (the ma la, pickled veggies, seaweed, etc). Also, they have sushi, very tasty shaved ice and bubble tea.

                    Udu Cafe
                    37-04 Prince St, Queens, NY 11354

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                    1. re: teresa

                      thanks! never heard of the joint, it's next to the new ramen setagaya maybe?

                      1. re: bigjeff

                        Yup, it's right next to the new Ramen Setagaya restaurant!

                        1. re: teresa

                          number one shave ice in town? snow ice? top taiwanese shave ice to beat?

                          1. re: bigjeff

                            To be honest, I don't really like shaved ice. However, my family eats it all the time and according to my mom, she enjoys Udu's shaved ice very much. Even more than the shaved ice at Flushing Mall. You should definitely try it. They also have bubble tea. I enjoy the passion fruit green tea (w/o tapioca pearls).

                            1. re: teresa

                              going there today! bored of the other places; might go out to Yi Jia's also to try their shave ice.

                              anyone have any other recs for good shave ice in flushing? a good abc or cendol from a malaysian joint, a good baobing from a taiwanese place, a bingsoo from a korean one (that would be ideal)? sadly, unfortunately, koryodang's in ktown is my current go-to but I would love to find a better place.

                      2. re: teresa

                        Udu looked very good when I walked in! the place was very modern and fancy, dishware very nice; the "starter" kit of vegetables looked very good too (nice arcs of kabocha I saw). price seemed fair actually, or at least, it seemed a different pricing structure than what I usually see; I want to eat here sometime I just went there yesterday to look for ice but they had just finished swapping places with the Mingle Beer House (apparently, same owners) so the entrance for Udu is actually on 37th avenue instead of prince street, but it's all still right near the setagaya.

                        Ended up having hot pot at La Mei yesterday (the basement place on 41st ave, down the block from Hot Pot City. The place was desserted but it was actually really good! all of the ingredients, fixins and condiments were very fresh and it was good. I had the herbal broth which was sweeter than I liked but added a nice punch.

                        Definitely, Udu looked way ahead of them tho; any other contenders for best hot pot in flushing? Is Fire and Ice actually good for hotpot? Hot Pot City? Minni's/Yahoo still good? Gu Xiang doesn't have hot pot anymore btw.

                        1. re: bigjeff

                          I'm not a fan of Hot Pot City. I've only been there once, but it was not a good experience. They told us that they didn't have anymore sliced chicken. How could an all you can eat shabu shabu place run out of chicken? I don't like the unlimited beers deal (not sure if they have this anymore). There was a table of rowdy Chinese men. They actually started to smoke IN the restaurant. My parents and I told the waitress that this is illegal and they shouldn't be doing it. The waitress said that these men were the owner's friends and she seemed to be too scared to say anything. Despite these issues, the quality of the meats/add-ons were not good. There was a lot of fat in the meats. I am a fan of lean meats, so it was a big turn-off. I had Minni's earlier this year and the quality is still pretty good.

                          Just FYI, the ma la soup for Udu is very very spicy. I had to take out the peppers because it was too much! I think I only got the mild or medium too.