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Jun 17, 2009 03:42 PM

Brass Rail, Locust Valley

Anyone have any thoughts one way or the other?

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  1. Great place. We've been a number of times and are stilling working our way through the menu.

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    1. re: synergy

      Have been there only once and really enjoyed it. Have friends who now go once a week.
      On the downside....a friend went once, loved it and went back a 2nd time on a Saturday nite and was terribly disappointed. I'm looking forward to trying again.

    2. Ate there about a month ago after the Long Island section of the Times raved about it. I was disappointed with the service, and with the food. I had fish and chips. The chips (fries) were the skinniest shoe string fries I had ever seen, skinnier than angel hair pasta. they made for an unusual presentation, but the thinness meant they were nothing but grease. Not appropriate for fish and chips, which should be nice thick steak fries. My wife ate something which was so forgettable, I forget what she had. Nice pretty bar, nice atmosphere for watching a ball game, but certainly didn't deserve the rave that Florence Starkey of the Times gave it.

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      1. re: petergreen

        I agree with you about their fries. I'm a ff-lover, but their's were way too thin to enjoy. We've been there a good handful to times before the recent reviews and press. Never had a problem getting a reservation. Called last night to make a 6pm reservation for this Fri. night, 2 people, and they only had 5:30pm or 9pm open...I said no. Last time we went, we sat at the bar first for a drink, & the bartender was horrible. Gave us 2 different 'pours' of the same drink, mine being a good inch less...asked for something and he said he'd get it and never did...personality like a lox. I wonder if the popularity is doing them harm.