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Jun 17, 2009 03:38 PM

Nashville Diner/Restaurant near Vanderbilt

Several years ago we went to a great little restaurant which was located across the street from Vanderbilt University. The only things that I remember - it was open for lunch; it was fairly dark; it served southern style food. I'll be traveling through again and would appreciate it if some local chowers could help me out here. Thanks

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  1. I'm wondering if you aren't refering to the now-defunct Vandyland. I mean, the Vanderbilt campus is pretty big...Do you remember ANY other details?

    Other things I can think of in the area that might be what you're talking about atr Rotier's on Elliston Place near West End Ave...Possibly the Pancake Pantry? That is on 21st Ave, and they are only open for breakast and lunch. There's Swett's...but no, Swett's is over by TSU (WONDERFUL food, though).

    Sarah M.

    1. I bet you're thinking of Rotier's.

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        I thought Rotier's too when I read "dark", but it isn't really across the street from campus. Well, wait, I guess it isn't far from across the street.

        Sarah M.

        1. re: StrandedYankee

          Yes, Rotier's sounds familiar. Another place I was looking into was Arnold's Country Kitchen. The location is good for my trip (going from Ohio to SE corner of Arkansas for a wedding next week end). Anyone have comments on Arnold's?

          1. re: johnmart11

            Arnold's is phenomenal. Best meat-and-three in the city.

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              Love Arnolds. But it's weekday lunch only...

        2. Your question spawned a much-commented blog post at the Nashville Scene food blog. The consensus is that you went to Rotier's, and that the Southern food there isn't as good as it once was, though the burger seems fine.

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            Thanks for all your help. I just read the blog post at the Nashville Scene food blog. Sorry to hear that Rotier's isn't what it once was. Looks like we'll head to Arnold's. Happy eating y'all.