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Jun 17, 2009 03:06 PM

Visiting Montreal - no clue where to eat. please help

My girlfriend and I are visiting Montreal in late August. Neither of us have ever been and are incredibly excited. We're coming in from New Orleans and take full advantage of all the good grub in our backyard. We're relatively down to earth, far prefer great food to a trendy atmosphere, and gravitate to divey neighborhood bars over shiek clubs. Would love any and all recommendations

Best local dish or dishes you can't get in the States and will miss once you leave?
Places the locals go?
Best bang for the buck?
Best place for that one meal when the budget's not a consideration?

Also, best bars?

Thank you so much for your help!!!

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  1. 1. Au Pied du Cochon - duck in a can, poutine w foie gras,pigs knuckles, & best Quebec micro breweries.
    2. Schwartz Deli. Corned beef must not be eaten lean & have a coke along side.
    3. Chu Chai - Thai vegetarian dishes - tastes like beef, duck, chicken but from tofu.
    4. Toque - one of my favourite. Forget the budget for a great meal.

    Sorry I don't go to bars.

    Is Susan Spicer/Bayamon still great?

    ps: I live in Toronto, but go to Quebec for my gourmet fix!

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      You're more likely to find Smoked Meat at Schwartz's rather than corned beef. Take the medium fat with a cherry coke. Another Quebec specialty is poutine which you can get at La Banquise like Maximilien said.

      By the way, if you look it up, you'll find Au Pied DE Cochon instead of DU Cochon. I know, being anal, that's me.

      Visit Jean-Talon market especially on a saturday afternoon. Late august will be tomato season and corn. Lots of good food to nibble on and a few parks in the area (Jarry, the one on the corner of St-Laurent and St-Zotique) where you could have a picnick.

      Restaurants: Petit Alep, I kinda like Vinizza and Le Jolifou.

      Grab ice cider at Marché des saveurs located in Jean-Talon market.

    2. 1- Local dish : Poutine @ La Banquise or Smoked Meat @ Schwartz
      2- Locals : Lots of places (mid level restaurants/wine bars)
      3- Bang: La Montée, Decca77, Lemeac (after 10pm, but seems to get bad reviews recently)
      4- Best: La Chronique & Europea (I've heard raving reviews for both places recently)
      5- Bars : Dieu du ciel (beer), Barmacie (drinks and people).