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Jun 17, 2009 03:05 PM

Doughnuts in Delaware!

Where, oh where, can I find a good doughnut in northern/New Castle Co. Delaware? I don't like the Krispy Kreme style (crispy) - I prefer a decent cake doughnut, and of course Dunkin' Donuts is a travesty!

Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. Wish I had a suggestion for you, but we face the same each year when we vacation in Ocean City, Maryland. We don't have a problem with a short ride into Delaware...but they've got the same, crappy Krispy Kreme donuts!!
    Surely there's a bakery somewhere???

    1. Serpe's Bakery on Rte. 2 in Elsmere might work for you. You might also try Bing's Bakery, in Newark, 253 East Main St. Both are family-owned independent bakeries.

      I am not a doughnut fan myself and have never tried doughnuts from either place, but I have been very happy with the other baked goods I've gotten at both.

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        Not in Delaware but close enough. Donut Haven in the Booths Corner Farmers Market. I think they have very good donuts and sticky buns. Then stop at Cajun Kate's for beignets and cafe au lait while you're there. Open Fri and Sat at 9am

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          Also just had the brainwave of suggesting the cider doughnuts available at Highland Orchards, on Foulk Rd. in Wilmington. Even though I am not a doughnut person, I cannot resist these.

        2. Thanks! I'm looking forward to going from place to place on the great doughnut search.

          1. How can you not know about the Fractured Prune? An Ocean City fixture for years, it left briefly and is now back. I believe there are locations at 28th and 127th(??) Streets, along with a number of locations in and around Baltimore.
            Cake-type doughnuts COOKED TO ORDER. You pick the glazes and toppings before the doughnuts are made. Super yummy! Best to eat them while they're hot - for one reason, hours later, the amount of grease you're consuming is more evident. Still, a necessary vacation indulgence.

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              Ocean City MD is not in northern Delaware, which is what the OP was asking about.

            2. Just in case anyone else is interested, I've completed what seems to be an exhausted doughnut search of the Newark area:

              Serpe's - one of the doughnuts from here was excellent, but the rest were a little dry
              Bing's - right consistency, but oddly flavorless

              and even

              Acme - no

              and the winner is

              Pathmark! Their doughnuts had the flavor and consistency I was looking for. Was not really expecting to find it at a grocery store, but I was getting desperate.

              I think I'll lay off the doughnuts for a while now...

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              1. re: katreese4

                Wow, that is out of left field! I do urge you to get over to Highland Orchards at some point for a cider doughnut. They are super yummy.

                If you really, really want to taste the most staggeringly delicious doughnuts on earth, mark your calendar for July 18 and head over to Lancaster County for the Mennonite Church Haitian Missions Benefit Auction in Intercourse, PA. We are making our annual pilgrimage--specifically for the doughnuts. They are beyond description. It's at the fairgrounds at the corner of Rte 320 and New Holland Rd. Lots of other great chow, too.

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                  I offer up my favorite, near and dear to my heart and we get Pathmark? I feel so dirty and used.

                  Didn't know Highland had donuts. I often go to Northbrook for their cider donuts though.

                  1. re: RC51Mike

                    I don't think Highland makes those doughnuts, but they sell them. I have no idea where they come from. They sell pies and cookies also, so I guess everything comes from the same place.

                    Speaking of pie, I bought a very delicious mini sweet potato pie this past weekend that was made by Just Desserts ( which is at the corner of 3rd and N. Lincoln. Definitely worth going back for more. She doesn't make doughnuts, though. Just cakes and pies.

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                      So sorry RC51Mike, I had no idea what or where Booths Corner was, but I looked it up just to make you happy. I am now looking forward to traveling there as soon as possible, and will let you know of my error if they surpass my grocery-store doughnuts. Stay tuned! ;)