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Jun 17, 2009 02:56 PM

MSP - Lunch and Dinner for European Visitor

We've had a variety of international visitors at work recently, and there is one remaining. He is from Croatia and he's going home on Sunday. I'd like to show him a memorable lunch and dinner over the next few days. Something classically Minnesotan (or American) for him to tell people about. Up to now, he has been stuck with Applebees type meals for nearly 3 weeks (although we ate at the St. Paul Hotel and Fogo de Chao last week).

He is staying in Vadnais, so St. Paul is probably best, but Minneapolis isn't completely out of the picture). I'm not talking Meritage/Alma type territory here...something a little less fancy.

There are probably 50 threads just like this, but I wanted new opinions (if there are any).

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  1. assuming a "real american experience" & the atmosphere is a little more important than the absolute best food possible, you could go a few ways. i think cossetta's might be a good bet for a pizzeria, los ocampos (arcade street) for burritos might be good for the lunch. for dinner, what about mancinis for steaks or blue door or the nook for burgers & beers? or tavern on grand for some walleye? *definitely* hit izzy's for ice cream at some point, though!

    1. Barley John's is pretty close. The Town Talk Diner or Highland Park grill are screamingly American.

      The Blue Door pub has my favorite burgers, or you could take him to Be'Wiched (which actually shouldn't be much further). Sandwiches are what Americans seem to do best, And those are great examples of the genre.

      1. My suggestion: Drive up Grand Ave for a meal at either Brasa or Cafe Latte - the food at Brasa is better, but visitors usually love the desserts at Cafe Latte. Another possibility is Big Daddy's Friday and Saturday BBQ on University Ave @ Dale - it's very casual (take-out or eat-in-the-parking-lot only), so I say pick up some beer and head to a park for a picnic.

        Then, if you still have room for more dessert, head over to Izzy's for an ice cream cone. Or you could stay near Brasa for a cone at Grand Old Creamery - I'm not a fan of their ice cream, but it has plenty of admirers and the atmosphere can't be beat.

        And please tell your guest from me, "dobar dan, zabavite se u Minnesotu, i sretan put." (That's all I remember - very inaccurately - from my college studies... :-)


        1. you could go to the Mill City Farmers Market and get a few things from the Chef Shack(and some aebleskivers) then sit at the park behind the Guthrie overlooking the river.

            1. re: tipitina

              Or a Strip Club. I hear Sheiks has good food. He probably wouldn't forget...