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Jun 17, 2009 02:24 PM

1st Anniversary Dinner

Friday of next week will be the first anniversary for my girlfriend and me. I do not have a lot of money to spend, but for obvious reasons I'm willing to go beyond my normal dining-out budget. I am looking at spending about $100 or so before tax and tip (but with a bottle of wine) for the two of us. Some places I have in mind:
-Bistro Daisy

The cuisine itself is not important as we both love just about anything. I was just hoping for some feedback on how any of these restaurants fall in terms of my budget. Or if there are any others I should definitely consider.

PS I know this may seem a bit late for an anniversary plan, but I just got done with a big licensing exam and I figured some fellow 'Hounds could help me out.

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  1. Congrats on passing your exam as well as your 1 year anniversary! You have quite a few options that will fall in your budget if you play it right. For special occasions, when my husband and I first started dating, we would always have a bottle of wine/champagne at either my (parents at the time) or his house prior to dinner. That saves a tremendous amount of money. Some budget friendly options are:

    Rambla (Tapas)
    Bayona (They have a special for an early bird dinner and 19 cent Martinis, but it may be M-TH)
    Bistro Daisy
    Mortons(has a 99.00 special for 2, but this would be without wine)
    Bacco(Has a Cia Down @Sundown with 3 courses for 28.00 June 1-August 31 from 5:30-7:30 p.m.)
    Ralphs on the Park(3 appetizers and a glass of wine for 28.00 ALL NIGHT EVERy night, plus a very romantic atmosphere)
    Red Fish Grill (3 Course for 25.00 June-August, but must request Grilling and Chilling menu when making a reservation or when seated)
    Muriels(They have a 4 course blue Crab menu in June for 42.00 per person. It includes a lump crabmeat salad, a crabmeat and wild mushroom ragout, flash fried softshell crab, and a Mississippi Blueberry tart. This sounds wonderful!)

    Good luck!

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    1. Can't argue with your above options. Will add two more

      Upperline - taste of new orleans option is amazing
      Luke - has good specials and very affordable in comparison to other downtown joints.

      As for your above list, a lot of them are pricier (though I really don't know Daisy or Patois).

      1. you could go to Sara's and reserve the "living room". it is a private room where you sit on the floor and can take your shoes off. the table is low to the ground, so you kick back on big pillows. the menu and food are amazing and priced right. event the wine list is varied and affordable. Sara's is in the Riverbend.

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          1. re: edible complex

            My hubby and I are having a date night Sunday night and are thinking of heading to Sara's. We both love indian food and this place sounds like it's right up our alley. Would you call it romantic at all? Do you know if it's open on Sundays?

            1. re: nikinik

              It's definitely romantic, but I don't know if it's open Sunday. Call 861-0565 to find out.

            2. re: edible complex

              Haha. Sara's was one of our early dinner dates actually. We both loved it.

            3. Baru is moderately priced and BYOB, which always makes dinner cheaper. See my blog for a review:

              I haven't been to EAT yet but it's also BYOB and I've heard it's great, but based on the menu I saw online, it might be a bit to casual.

              Of the restaurants you listed, I believe they're all more or less in the same price bracket except August, which I believe is a bit more expensive.

              Happy anniversary!

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                EAT is a little more casual than I wanted to go, though to be honest, I hadn't ruled it out for breakfast. It really is a great spot for a lazy weekend morning, I love it. Baru is one I'd forgotten about. Hm...

              2. With the possible exception of MILA and August and Bayona, you could probably come in at $100 pre-tax & tip with a modestly-priced bottle of wine at the places you mentioned. I'm assuming you don't want to early-bird on a romantic evening, so ScarlettNola's suggestion of Ralph's on the Park is an excellent one. We've done this several times, with additional glasses of wine and still come in under $100. And even the hubby finds the three apps extremely filling--and very tasty.

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                1. re: nomadchowwoman

                  Thanks. I have moved Ralph's up my list for the romance factor and the recommendations. Thanks again, that's just the kind of info I knew I'd get here.