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Jun 17, 2009 02:17 PM

bastille day closings?

Are restaurants generally closed on bastille day? We will be in the Luberon in Provence. Thanks

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  1. We will be in Paris and wondering the same thing.......whats open?

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    1. re: dlgc

      I'll be there too. Figured most would be open..

      1. re: jeb

        Hit or miss with everything on 14 juillet. This is the big one, the "Fete Nationale". I would guess that most restaurants are closed. The French are very serious about Holidays. Lots of parades and fireworks.

        Might be some small pickings in Paris, but in the campagne, I'm sure it will be daunting to find an open restaurant.

        In Paris, there might be some street food available at some of the festivals. And in Paris the touristy restaurants in the touristy areas should be open.

        1. re: menton1

          It may be worse than that.

          As July 14th is on Tuesday this year many businesses (including restaurants) will "faire le pont" i.e. make the bridge between the weekend and the holiday and so they will close from Friday and reopen on Wednesday.

          Best to assume that most small restaurants are closed, as Menton says the ones in prime tourist areas will be open, and some in the big hotels.