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Jun 17, 2009 02:13 PM

Cocina Lucero - service update?

The last posts I saw about Cocina Lucero (Maitland & Yonge) were back in January/February, and were complaining about ridiculously slow service. Has anyone been more recently? Is the speed of service getting any better? Thanks!

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  1. It breaks my heart to say this, but Cocina Lucero is still struggling — so much so that we've sworn off it. (He says, wistfully turning his head to glance out the window at the restaurant, a mere 100m down, 100m east, and 100m south from his condo...)

    The service is still iffy, and the food totally unreliable. We're still addicted to Lucero's Azteca soup, but have been burned by the food and service many times. She did open a side patio for the summer, and got her liquor license too. The extra money *may* enable her to get more/better help, both in the kitchen and on the floor, but we'll never know.

    It's sad; the restaurant started off so promisingly.

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      I called recently and asked if CL had a website. I was told to go to La Mexicana's website as the menu was the same as it has the same owners. If that's the case, explains everything.

    2. I think I saw the same RM episode which got me curious.

      Maybe I will head over anyway. I can be masochistic about restaurant choices sometimes.

      1. Just a quick update -- I ended up going there for an early dinner (6:00ish) on a Saturday night. We didn't have any problems with the service -- it was great, food came up in a reasonable amount of time and was delicious. Also good margaritas - -they can put fresh fruit in if you ask. I liked the stuffed chicken breast in mole sauce.