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Just opened -Chelsea Market Basket

Has anyone been ? I hear it is really crowded but worth the trip. Any details? I was thinking of going early Saturday. I can't find a web site which is odd. I know it's not called DeMoula's anymore. thanks

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  1. It's very large - the standard largest supermarket in New England. It has 32 checkout registers - when I was there at 1PM today, all but two were staffed and the place was operating very smoothly (Market Baskets are crowded for a good reason: they sell most (not all) things at noticeably (sometimes VERY noticeably) lower prices than their local competitors). The aisles are spacious, and there is a lot of stuff, more than the lovely Reading location I usually frequent. It's on Spruce Street off Everett Ave, just across from the old location.

    DeMoula's has a website, but they don't have the same kind of websites that Shaw's or S&S have. They don't need to because people flock to Market Basket without the need of the web. The chain has zero problem attracting customers.

    Oh, and on weekends, do go early (or late). They are open 7-9 M-Sat, 7-7 Sun. I normally try to get to MB on Saturdays before 8 or 8:30AM; on weekdays, that witching hour is an hour or 90 minutes later.

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      say Karl S do you have the web address

    2. My friends that live in Chelsea went this weekend. On Saturday. With the whole family. 2 mistakes! The fire department was there to make sure the store didn't exceed the maximum number of people allowed in the building. Not kidding.

      I'll go in a couple of weeks, during the week, alone. Their prices really are so much better than just about anyones. Plus, they now have a sushi bar! WOW!

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        They've has a sushi bar at the Reading location, too.

      2. I've been a DeMoulas/Market Basket shopper for years. I think the Chelsea location (the old building is still standing right next door to this new fabu one that includes a cafe and pre-made foods section) has the BEST prices, produce and ethnic foods selection by far. I try to go mid-week to avoid the weekend crowds but even that doesn't always work. As long as they keep their prices and selection the same, I will never stray and tolerate a long line every once in a while!

        1. Hey how can yo beat those private label Fudge Grahams. They cost like a buck a package.

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            Its now safe to shop at the new MB, as long as you go during the week before 11:30 or so. The sushi bar is very good quality for supermarket sushi (and they make a veggie caterpillar roll which I'm addicted to). The fresh bakery is bigger than the other stores I've shopped at (Woburn mostly) and the produce section seems much larger as well. As a Chelsea resident, who's also a relatively health-conscious vegetarian, I can give up side trips to Bread & Circus as this newer MB has everything I'd get at B&C previously.

          2. I went to the new Market Basket in Chelsea this morning. The store is huge compared to any other Market Basket that I have been to. As stated in an earlier post they have 32 cash registers. The aisles are very wide compared to most supermarkets. I bought some fresh wild caught schrod (haddock) fillets that are on sale until this Saturday at the (Chelsea MB only) for $3.99 a pound. Where can you get fresh haddock fillets for $3.99 a pound other than MB? They even have hot foods available; made to order subs, pizzas, rotisserie chicken, soups, wraps and fried chicken. They also have a cafe where you can have a coffee, latte, cappucino, etc. You can sit down at a table and eat your food at this new MB.

            Market Basket
            170 Everett Ave, Chelsea, MA

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              That sounds very much like what I have experienced at Ukrops, a Richmond VA chain, while visiting friends in that area. It also sounds like a pre-emptive strike at Wegman's, which is now planning to open in Westborough in 2011 in addition to a Norwood store that may be in limbo. Too bad Chelsea is nowhere near my usual travels. :(

            2. So we were there this morning at nine (got lost thanks to Google Map or we would have been earlier) and it wasn't bad at all. Busy but not mobbed and tons of management types standing around being helpful. All the clerks were super nice and polite. It reminded us of Roche Bros when they opened the big West Roxbury store, but on steroids with fantastic prices. I guess we would have spent 20 to 30 per cent more in a similar Stop and Shop trip. The produce section was to die for and we had to tear ourselves away from the bakery. They only had a two page circular but there were lots of manager's specials being announced and dollar off manufacturer coupons. When we left at ten, 120 bucks later, the parking lot was filling up, but there were lots of teenage baggers helping people load their cars and bring in the shopping carts (the carts are also on steroids) so things kept moving. We need to get a new map so we won't have to pay 3 buck toll but we will definitely go back.

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                What you want is Routes 99 and 16. No tolls, though more lights.

              2. My son and I hit the new store today after a visit to Pollo Campero. Quite the operation, pretty much as everyone describes. It's huge with a great selection, but not overly crowded at 3 or so this afternoon. Much less intense than shopping at the Somerville location.

                They once again had beautiful fresh haddock fillets for $3.99/lb. Cheaper than their frozen fillets! One of the workers behind the fish counter said they should be that price through Saturday. The fish counter was pretty busy, so the turnover is good.

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                  So funny -- I had to bail on a trip to Somerville's MB today when I entered the parking lot and it was a total disaster. I just kept right on going through the out door. I'll hit up Chelsea tomorrow (early) for sure.

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                    With the double-whammy of Somerville Ave construction and increased popularity of Market Basket in general, Chelsea has tended to be quicker for me than Somerville. The new Chelsea store is actually a bit slower, although parking is easier and the second st entrance improves access from Everett/Somerville. (There is even a secret entrance from vine street.) Confused patrons were the biggest contributor to delays, but the new cashiers don't known the produce codes by heart.

                    If shopping for a 1-2 person household at the Somerville MB, there is always the option of parking on Somerville ave. Or enter via Dane Street and park in what was the employee parking lot behind the store, but now is just overflow.

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                      Thanks, that's really helpful. I don't know that area very well, but my son lives there and we often shop and cook together. Hopefully I wasn't one of those confused people mucking things up! Anyway, checking out went quite smoothly.

                      I forgot to mention that they carry prewashed, precut collards and kale, which I haven't seen elsewhere. I picked up some kale to streamline making kale soup. It's great, and nice and fresh. No brown edges.

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                        "Confused patrons" seem to be the hallmark of MB. Once you get over the quirkiness of the confused patrons, the stocking of the shelves at the height of the crowds and other minor annoyances, MB does a good job on the price point, especially on their fish and meat products.

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                          The stocking of shelves during the day is part of the reason you save so much money at MB: they don't have a separate crew doing the main stocking at night. For that reason, be not annoyed by it. MB is a great opportunity to cultivate not only thrift but patience. I have to say that its employees and patrons tend to be much happier than those at, say, Shaws or S&S.

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                            I agree with the cheerfulness of the staff -- always happy to divvy up a package of 6 peppers for me, or help me find things in their mysterious stocking system. Once a woman tracked me down in the store because she couldn't help me find the canned chiles I needed. They were in a different spot than we scoured and when she found them she found me in the dairy aisle with a few cans. I like the confused patrons (myself included) wandering around with overflowing carts. Some days I just can't do it but I'm always happy (and richer) when I do.

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                              I love the new Chelsea Market Basket .....It is kind of a hike from West Roxbury but worth going to every 2 or 3 weeks. Beats the prices a Roche Brothers!

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                                Wow. Checked this place out today. It's HUGE and orderly and very well-stocked. I got the panela, some fresh made bolillos, and other sundry items. I must admit I was a little overwhelmed on this visit but I'll be back to scope out every aisle. Everett Ave sure does get backed up, though.

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                              If you want confused patrons, you should try the Coolidge Corner TJs on a weekend. Anytime, actually, it's just more of an issue on the weekenk, which I avoid now. Sometimes it seems like a nursing home organized a bus trip there.

                      2. We finally got over here this afternoon (Chelsea is just not in our usual routes) and I have to say, this is the first time I've ever truly understood the MB hype. The stores I've shopped before (mostly Somerville and Burlington) have good prices and relatively deep selections, but they're often so cramped that it's never a truly pleasurable shopping experience.

                        On the other hand, this store is just as crowded as any other Market Basket, but the nice wide aisles (and shopping carts that actually work without a struggle!) and more spacious layout ameliorate that issue, so you can focus on both the way-low prices and the fact that they have things you just can't get at other stores around here. (Today we found Biscoff Cookies, which I've never seen outside of an airplane before!) It'll never be that regular a shop for us -- you just can't beat living two blocks from a 24-hour Star Market for convenience -- but it'll find its way into the circulation.

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                          The new MB is amazing, but just an FYI, I've been finding Biscoff Cookies at Walgreens for a silly low price. Nowhere near what they cost in that airplane catalog!

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                            I was thrilled to find Biscoff cookies in Hannaford in Saugus.

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                            The Somerville store (and Woburn) also carries Biscoff, but its not an always thing at any of the stores. The packets get down to about $.99 on sale from time to time. The price has crept up in past years, but MB actually has some of the better supermarket Panettone around the holidays. Obviously you can do better in specialty stores, but excellent breakfast eating.

                            I have to admit a bit of disappointment and frustration with the MB Chelsea store. It obviously was a big and successful step for Demoula's, but as a regular shopper in Chelsea before to me they have dedicated too much of the store to displays for large brands and are stocking less of the more interesting items from before. In 3 of my last 5 visits they have been out of cilantro, this in a store which probably 30% of the shoppers are latinos (Somerville occasionally ran out on a Sunday afternoon, but this has been much more common.). They have increased the amount of display and freezer space for fish, but since the move I haven't found a nice _whole_ fish. They do have Mexican and other latin American bay scallops (wet) which are useful for ceviche, plus large head-on prawns, but mushy lousy whole fish and less of the more unusual fish (butter fish, various mackerel) in the display case. My interest was peaked when they announced they would bring in Columbus Salame products, but they are all pre-sliced and they don't have as much other whole salumi as before (they do have as much or more latino salumi). Stocking of Mexican cheeses (columbian and salvadoran was better) was always iffy at the old MB, but they seem to be stocking more lousy commercial brands (tropical) now and not the NY based products they had before. Still Salvadoran and Columbian is ok, but I expected more. Chelsea was always my most reliable fall location for cheese peppers, both for cooking and pickling, but I have only found them there once and had to go to Somerville (Somerville also had maxixe first, although since then Chelsea has carried it and its been top rate this year.) No more trays of pullet eggs. Each time I go, there is some staple I cannot find and while looking, get dazzled at the various corporate displays of product. There are certainly upsides -- 1lb packets of Kerrygold butter, Kate's buttermilk, more greek yogurt, the better organized seafood counter, higher quality items for some things (deli meats from Deitz & Watson) and more overall stock... Being able to actually get through the produce area and the parking lot and access from second ave make up some of the additional time it takes to shop and checkout as opposed to the old store. However, its not as quirky as before and for me the move into mainstream means some frustration trying to find even some staples. I would prefer to do my shopping in one store, but now that I find myself having to pick something else up at another store, I also pay more attention to what is on sale elsewhere. (Since at the new MB I am spending more money, taking more time, and not finding everything needed I also try to hold myself over with other purchases elsewhere too.).

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                              Itaunas, There are Columbus brand salame's in the deli case. All the way at the end, next to where you pick up your number. Many varieties of salame's and other cured goodies. I've been getting the Dry Salame since Chelsea first re-opened, it's $6.99/lb. Just this past weekend I also picked up a Columbus brand Fire-roasted Pork Loin at the deli that was very good as well. I don't know if it's still there but the other day there were leaflets on the counter for Columbus Salame's that has coupons and adverts for a trip to Rome sweepstakes.

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                                Thanks trishaluna, its funny that I asked both at the "world market" (which was mentioned in their original flyer) and one of the managers the first week there and didn't get this information... but here on CH right away!

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                                Now that its November, DeMoula's (many of them, not just Chelsea) are now carrying the Panettone I mentioned above. Its not gift-worthy panettone, but a large, rich, moist basic Panettone imported from Italy for $6.99 as a great breakfast option and its even excellent toasted.

                                BTW, a special thanks to Trishaluna for steering me to the Columbus section in the Deli case. They are carrying mostly "columbus rennaisance" items intended for slicing (with a few of the artisan/signature), but I was pretty impressed with the selection. Keep in mind most of the deli workers aren't familiar with it and their labeling had some errors (I hope it does catch on because its a great option). Some things to call out: Finocchiona, their Pancetta (not the same as buying from Sulmona, but an excellent supermarket option), individual Salame Secchi, they even had Columbus Porchetta (which I haven't seen anywhere else before) the lunch meat variety not rolled suckling pig. They had a label for Cacciatore, but I didn't see it in the case on my last visit.

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                                  To follow up to my post they have been stocking a lot more whole fish, both in the display case and at the seafood counter. Butterfish, scups, sardines at the counter. It also seems to be fresher overall. I also noticed them cutting cod steaks and was able get a really really nice whole cod, which provided me with fillets, steaks for moqueca, and skin-on fillets (with cheeks and other bits) for pil pil. They definitely have improved it, so wanted to give credit where credit is due. And in 3 visits in a row, all at peak times, they haven't run out of cilantro again so that is good.

                                  Still enjoying the Columbus Salame and they still have the leaflets trishaluna mentioned, but they didn't have some of my favorites at Thanksgiving (and still confusion with labeling which led them to cut the wrong item). Next thing to try is the imported speck from Alto Adige. And they are also have some pretty good prices on fresh pasta from the Pasta Market and always seem to be in stock with finochio so not a complete Italian market, but you can do a lot of cooking with what they do stock.

                              3. very big indeed. I went there today and there are actually 34 registers included the express registers. It has 24 isles which is a lot. Take a chance to look at the old Chelsea Market basket building across the parking lot, its soo empty. anyways the store has tons of things. The store isn't as deep as i thought, but the width is big. There is even a restaurant, a coffee bar with a seating area with a TV to watch. Certainly not like other market baskets