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Jun 17, 2009 01:50 PM

Just opened -Chelsea Market Basket

Has anyone been ? I hear it is really crowded but worth the trip. Any details? I was thinking of going early Saturday. I can't find a web site which is odd. I know it's not called DeMoula's anymore. thanks

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  1. It's very large - the standard largest supermarket in New England. It has 32 checkout registers - when I was there at 1PM today, all but two were staffed and the place was operating very smoothly (Market Baskets are crowded for a good reason: they sell most (not all) things at noticeably (sometimes VERY noticeably) lower prices than their local competitors). The aisles are spacious, and there is a lot of stuff, more than the lovely Reading location I usually frequent. It's on Spruce Street off Everett Ave, just across from the old location.

    DeMoula's has a website, but they don't have the same kind of websites that Shaw's or S&S have. They don't need to because people flock to Market Basket without the need of the web. The chain has zero problem attracting customers.

    Oh, and on weekends, do go early (or late). They are open 7-9 M-Sat, 7-7 Sun. I normally try to get to MB on Saturdays before 8 or 8:30AM; on weekdays, that witching hour is an hour or 90 minutes later.

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      say Karl S do you have the web address

    2. My friends that live in Chelsea went this weekend. On Saturday. With the whole family. 2 mistakes! The fire department was there to make sure the store didn't exceed the maximum number of people allowed in the building. Not kidding.

      I'll go in a couple of weeks, during the week, alone. Their prices really are so much better than just about anyones. Plus, they now have a sushi bar! WOW!

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        They've has a sushi bar at the Reading location, too.

      2. I've been a DeMoulas/Market Basket shopper for years. I think the Chelsea location (the old building is still standing right next door to this new fabu one that includes a cafe and pre-made foods section) has the BEST prices, produce and ethnic foods selection by far. I try to go mid-week to avoid the weekend crowds but even that doesn't always work. As long as they keep their prices and selection the same, I will never stray and tolerate a long line every once in a while!

        1. Hey how can yo beat those private label Fudge Grahams. They cost like a buck a package.

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            Its now safe to shop at the new MB, as long as you go during the week before 11:30 or so. The sushi bar is very good quality for supermarket sushi (and they make a veggie caterpillar roll which I'm addicted to). The fresh bakery is bigger than the other stores I've shopped at (Woburn mostly) and the produce section seems much larger as well. As a Chelsea resident, who's also a relatively health-conscious vegetarian, I can give up side trips to Bread & Circus as this newer MB has everything I'd get at B&C previously.

          2. I went to the new Market Basket in Chelsea this morning. The store is huge compared to any other Market Basket that I have been to. As stated in an earlier post they have 32 cash registers. The aisles are very wide compared to most supermarkets. I bought some fresh wild caught schrod (haddock) fillets that are on sale until this Saturday at the (Chelsea MB only) for $3.99 a pound. Where can you get fresh haddock fillets for $3.99 a pound other than MB? They even have hot foods available; made to order subs, pizzas, rotisserie chicken, soups, wraps and fried chicken. They also have a cafe where you can have a coffee, latte, cappucino, etc. You can sit down at a table and eat your food at this new MB.

            Market Basket
            170 Everett Ave, Chelsea, MA

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              That sounds very much like what I have experienced at Ukrops, a Richmond VA chain, while visiting friends in that area. It also sounds like a pre-emptive strike at Wegman's, which is now planning to open in Westborough in 2011 in addition to a Norwood store that may be in limbo. Too bad Chelsea is nowhere near my usual travels. :(