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Jun 17, 2009 01:23 PM

Vegan-friendly catered lunch in Brooklyn

Howdy folks,
I'm planning on buying my group at work (~30 ppl) lunch on Friday; Usually we end up either getting sandwiches or Grimaldi's, but this time around, we're celebrating a few promotions, and one of the persons is a Vegan.

So, I'm looking for a place in Brooklyn (specifically near Fulton St. Mall / Atlantic Yards / LIU), that I can either pickup or have delivered a lunch with a vegan-friendly option (and of the catered variety, i.e. I'm not putting in 30 indiv. orders). The entire meal doesn't have to be vegan or vegetarian, but as long as the option is there, I'll work it.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!!

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  1. You might try Waterfalls on Atlantic - middle eastern food with lots of vegetarian dishes - they do a fair amount of catering and might recommend a menu.

    1. dick

      I like Jen's suggestion of middle eastern food but if that's not something you think they'll like I'd rec Lasson & Hennigs. We cater from them very often and they have lots of delicuous non meat options .Their delivery service is very professionally done and they are very helpful. Here's their site.

      1. I suggest Rice in Ft. Greene for yummy, healthy and affordable.

        Rice not only frequently caters for Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn events, but could also tell you that "Atlantic Yards" is Bruce Ratner's brand name for a project that isn't even built yet. The real name of the railyard is "Vanderbit Railyard." ;)

        166 DeKalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217