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Jun 17, 2009 01:02 PM

Hyannis - mainly breakfast and dinner

Hello from the Boston board. I am off to Hyannis for a week and looking for places for breakfast (particularly close to Hyannis) and dinner (willing to drive 30-40 minutes). Not necessarily the best meal you've ever had, but good, reliable, fun food. For example, we love the Flying Ace Cafe at the Chatham airport for breakfast.

On my list from other posts:
In Hyannis - Eclectic Cafe, Alberto's, Preta, Naked Oyster, Misaki, Palio's. Mixed reviews on Island Merchant
Further afield: Joe's Dinner (S Yarmouth), Beacon Room (Orleans), Red Pheasant (Dennis), Red Cottage (Dennis), Great Island Bakery (S Yarmouth), Ocean House (Dennisport), Sesuit Cafe (Dennis), 28 Atlantic (Chatham - at Wesquasett Inn?), LaCucina (Falmouth).

Comments on these welcome. other ideas even more welcome.


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  1. FYI... I was up the Cape last week and Joe's Diner got siezed for not paying their taxes. They made a great egg and cheese sandwich, too.

    Right next to Joe's is a little fried food / bar place called Kevin's Seafood. Great fried food including clams, chicken, and onion rings.

    I just heard the Eclectic Cafe' reopened after several years of being closed.... I used to love them but don't know what the new place will bring.
    Red Pheasant is a must stop if you want real fine dining.
    Red Cottage is awesome for pancakes and their house special home fries (with hollandaise sauce).
    If you like big egg omlettes, the Keltic Kitchen (Rte 28 in Yarmouth) is the place to go.
    Alberto's is an old school Italian, but puts out good stuff.
    Ocean House is probably your best bet for great food with a view.
    Never been to 28 Atlantic, but it is supposed to be the best dining experience around.
    Some others I would recommend are:
    Blue Moon Bistro (Rt 6a, Dennis)
    Gerardi's Cafe (Italian) on Rte 28 in Yarmouth next to Kevin's and Joe's Diner. It's traditional Italian-American fare. (you can check out some of my other posts for a detailed review of them).
    Harry's Blue's Bar - just off Main Street in Hyannis. If you want a real casual bar that plays live music and makes great southern food (pulled pork, rice and beans) and the best wings (bone or boneless) around, this is a fun stop.

    I'm heading back to the Cape in August and plan to check out this new place on 6a in Yarmouth which looks good.
    I also want to check out Vining's Bistro in Chatham (no website).

    Good luck and report back when you are done.

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      All very soild recs. Add Sesuit Cafe on the Jetty at Sesuit Harbor in East Dennis for fried food while watching the boats come and go throught the harbor. Also, Regatta in Cotuit is a great special night out.

      1. re: CapeCodGuy

        I concur but not on the Blue Moon rec. Man, I miss Contrast Bistro. Let us know on Lyric. I am intrigued. Island Merchant has a fun drink menu and vibe. Give it a go.

        1. re: phelana

          What is your objection to Blue Moon? Some friends suggested we try it this year, looking for any constructive comments to the contrary.

          1. re: Dan D

            I've only been to Blue Moon once and I thought it had promise but did need to improve on a few things. Here is the review I wrote last year:

            Blue Moon Bistro
            Reviewed: 7/3/08
            This was one of the best menu's I've ever seen - - I wanted everything on it. I ended up going with a 1/2 order of their housemaid lobster ravioli in an asparagus cream sauce and their cocoa and coffee rubbed rack of lamb. Liz got their French onion soup and the filet mignon that was wrapped in an applewood smoked bacon. The quality of the ingredients was very good, but each dish lacked a touch of something... and in most cases it was seasoning and/or salt.
            The ravioli dish was lacking just a touch of salt and the lemon zest strips were a bit to strong against the cream. By the time I hit the 3rd ravioli I tried it completely plain - no asparagus, no lemon, no balsamic, no extra cream sauce - and it was excellent. Very well stuffed with tender pieces of lobster. This only needed a few tweaks to be perfect.
            You could tell Liz's onion soup didn't have any canned components, but the broth needed a touch of salt earlier in the cooking process to integrate well.
            The chops for my main dish had excellent size and a good coffee cocoa rub charred on the outside, but it too lacked some flavor once you got past the crust. Liz's filet was probably the best dish of the night since filet doesn't require much seasoning, but it too needed just a slight boost. The applewood bacon was nice, but I usually like my filet unadorned so I can get all the tenderness and flavor that naturally occurs.
            For dessert, we spit a chocolate lava cake and it was amazing. It came with a side of vanilla ""gelato"" (which I think was really ice cream) with a touch of caramel squirted on the top; it too was amazing.
            The wine list was very nice with good selections by the glass and by the bottle. Prices were about double retail (which is nice since a lot of restaurants approach 2.5 or 3 times retail in ""destination"" locations) and they had bottles across all price ranges. You can tell from the selections on here, they make a good attempt to match their wine list to the foods they prepare - - which is always a good sign.
            All in all I gave this restaurant a solid B and would definitely return for a 2nd opinion. The menu, the quality of the ingredients, the preparation, the atmosphere, and the wine list make this an A-possible restaurant - - - a little more work on the preparation will get them there.

            I haven't gotten back for that 2nd visit yet, but I intend to. I'm going back up for a week in August so we'll see if we make it there again.

      2. re: foleyd7

        I went to Kevin's Seafood in South Yarmouth last year and got a fried clam plate. I'm still looking for the fried clams? The clam plate was a small amount of fried clams and fries. I was still hungry after eating them. Plus the fried clams were a little greasy. Arnold's in Eastham is a better place for a fried clam plate in my opinion. I also tried Kreme & Kone in West Dennis last year. I wasn't impressed at all with their fried clam plate. I'm glad that we have The Clam Box in Ipswich where you get plenty of quality food at a reasonable price. You won't leave The Clam Box hungry that's for sure!!

        1. re: buffet king

          Kevin's serves both clam strips and whole belly clams. I only get whole belly clams which are pretty good there. The clam strips are pretty skimpy, but perfect for my 5 year old son as he won't eat the bellies.

      3. to Dan D, I ate there 3 times since they opened. Each time it was mediocre at best. I did not think it had the wow factor. I have not been recently so cannot comment. Give it a opinion is just may love it. I find consistently good food at Ocean House, Red Pheasant, Girardi's, Inaho to name a few places near my "hood"...

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        1. re: phelana

          foleyd7, the lack of flavour was what we recall...

        2. Has anyone been to the Pancake Man in South Yarmouth MA.? Last year every time I drove by the place the parking lot was packed with cars. Can you get a good breakfast at the Pancake Man? Any recommendations for good homemade corned beef hash in the Dennis/Yarmouth MA. area?

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          1. re: buffet king

            Pretty bad and pretty expensive. Slow service, oily coffee.
            An in season tourist trap.
            Do yourself a favor and go to Keltic Kitchen for a big delicious breakfast, especially pancakes and omelettes. Great coffee and tea, friendly service.

            We only use our place on the cape off season (October-May) and the wife and kids always request a belly stuffing meal at Keltic Kitchen.................

          2. Check out The Chart Room in Pocasset - at the Kingman Marina
            A true gem as it enters its 40th something year - truly an institution
            watch the boats come in and out of the marina and sip on the best mudslide ever made - they still use Baileys and Kahlua - not knockoffs!
            the lobter roll and the baked stuffed 2 pound lobster are a great value and absolutely delicious. Great jazz inside on the weekends. Reservations are a good suggestion, unless you'd like to sit outside on the adirondack chairs and watch the sun set into the bay while your table awaits!

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            1. re: lvnddream

              The OP should be aware, however, that it can be an hour long drive to Pocasset from Hyannis on season depending on traffic.

              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                Sometimes simple is best, for breakfast The Daily Paper, West Main Street, Hyannis.

            2. Hi, I go to the Cape each weekend in the summer and can give you some info:

              Naked Oyster: enjoy the food and service there. Higher pricepoint than the rest
              Eclectic Cafe: have not been since it re-opened but really enjoyed the previous spot
              Palio's: good pizza
              Island Merchant: love the food and atmosphere. They have live music almost every night. Does not get crowded until after 8. Nice pricepoint.
              Misaki and Alberto's: could not recommend

              In orleans I would recommend Nauset for italian. I had a disappointing experience at Blue Moon and would not go back. Lyric (the old Abicci) is new on 6A.
              28 Atlantic (Wequassett) is very good and we enjoy having a drink down by their pool. Nice bar scene on the water with usually live music and a nice fire pit.
              We also enjoy Heather in Mashpee.

              Hope this helps