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Jun 17, 2009 01:01 PM

oysters on the half-shell

Heading to MTL for the jazzfest,Anyone have recomendations for raw oyster bars? I tend to have a dozen at a time with a beer or two. We usually pay between a dollar or two a piece here outside of Boston.We also love fresh fish. Any you have to try here places?

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  1. Downtown, there is the bistro ''Au Près de ma Blonde'' on 3845 St-Denis which may be interesting (haven't tried it yet, thought) .

    A bit further stands the well-known 'Bières et Compagnie'' on 4350 St-Denis. They have a incredibly large assortment of beers and oysters (whose are All-you-can-eat from Sunday to Wednesday) and a lot of other meals too. Nice atmosphere, but tends to be crowded. (in french)

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      Auprès de ma blonde has oysters?!

      As far as Bières et Compagnie goes, I think you've got your mollusks mixed up. They offer a large number of mussel dishes but no oysters that I've seen or can find on their menu.

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        You're right, I mixed the two mollusks. Sorry.

    2. Most bistros offer them. Some of the best are probably at Joe Beef and L'Orignal. Maestro SVP usually has a wide variety; I'd avoid ordering anything else on the the menu, however.

      For higher-end seafood, look at Fereirra (chic Portuguese bistro), Milos (often the best and always the priciest psarotaverna) and Au Pied de Cochon (extremely fresh seafood flown in from the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Gaspé, etc.).

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        Great ,We are planning on going to APdC . I want to try the Canard in a can! Might be tough to save room for a fish dish there . Thanks

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          For some background -- Montreal doesn't really have an oyster bar (Joe Beef, L'Orignal, Garde-Manger, APDC, the bistros, etc. usually only offer one or a few varieties) -- check this thread:

          There's also the Oyster Shack (haven't been so can't comment on the selection or quality):

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            Montreal is truly oyster bar poor. Joe Beef does seem to always only have Malpeques. But they are among the best quality wise in the city.

            The Oyster Shack can be very good and sometimes it has a good selection. But they are a bit of hit and miss when it comes to quality. I do go there once or twice a month at least. They just don't seem to be doing any volume in oysters from what little I've seen. But please don't take that as gospel.