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Falafel Corner?

Just heard that Falafel Corner has opened in Harvard Square. I believe the address is 8 Eliot Street, but I'm not 100% sure about the street number. Has anyone heard anything about this place?

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  1. Yes, that's the address - it's in the little store front where Greek Corner used to be, couple of doors down from Charlie's. But it did not seem open yet on Sunday. (free chairs on the sidewalk). Do you know anything about it?

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      No, this is the first I've heard of the place. I know that Greek Corner had closed awhile ago (as had Shabu Square nearby), but hadn't heard about this new place. I'll try to find out more tomorrow.

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        I posted about this place going into the old Greek Corner II spot a while ago. Noticed a banner across the front this morning saying OPEN UNTIL 3:00AM!

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          allow me to curl up in a ball and cry after learning the news that greek corner 2 has closed.

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            No joke. I will miss their gyros and the nice guy with the goatee who was always behind the counter.

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        I checked the place out last night (didn't eat, as I was stuffed to the gills from Fat Cat in Quincy earlier in the evening). The place is tiny, with an ordering area upstairs and a rather dank, gloomy dining area downstairs. They feature Halal food, and the menu is full of rollups, dinner plates, and Middle Eastern appetizers. Only two items on the menu are more than $7.00, which is very reasonable, considering that includes full dinners such as chicken shawarma and fish kabobs.

        I'll try to get there when I'm less full!

      3. I had a falafel roll up for lunch today and it was really good. Not as good as Eastside Pockets in Providence, but really tasty. You can't beat a good sandwich for under $5 in Harvard Square.

        1. Well! I had been planning on a couple squares at Pinocchio's after i get my hair cut tomorrow, but it looks like felafel instead!

          1. I hope it's good - the last couple of times I got falafel at Moody's I was quite disappointed

            1. Is Sabra still around the corner?

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              1. Please let this place be okay. I'm still looking for good falafel up here. I tried Moody's and was unimpressed. I actually liked Cafe Barada on Mass Ave.

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                  Have you tried Rami's in Coolidge Corner? I have unfortunately never been (it is not open on Friday or Saturday nights) but many like it a lot.

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                    Rami's may be my favorite falafel in the Boston area, especially since Reef Cafe in Allston and Sepal in Watertown are no longer around. Other than that, I can't think of too many places that stand out in the falafel department.

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                      Rami's is ridiculously expensive for what it is. Last time I went, a falafel sandwich and a soda was well over $10. Plus, as it is kosher, it is not open from Friday afternoon until Sunday which seems to be the time I am in the area and want it most. Sadly, there is not much in the way of high quality falafel in the Boston area.

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                        But did you like the way it tasted?

                        I would also recommend Sofra, Ana Sortun's lunch restaurant in Watertown, which appears to have the same falafel she serves at Oleana (which is great!).

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                          yes, the falafel tasted good at Rami's. But the burgers are great at The Bristol Lounge as well. Doesn't mean I want a $20+ burger every time I crave a burger just like I don't want to spend $10+ every time I want a falafel sandwich. Also, as I previously stated, I often find myself near Rami's on the weekends when, because it is kosher, it is often closed.

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                            To clarify--Rami's isn't closed Fri-Sun because it's kosher; it's closed because it's Shabbat and therefore there's a prohibition on conducting business. "Kosher" is more about what foods are used and how they are prepared according to Jewish law-- aka "kashrut". Though it's likely that a truly kosher restaurant would be closed Friday sundown to Saturday sundown, the terms aren't necessarily interchangable.

                            That said, Rami's falafel is great-- Israeli style, smaller balls. Fordee's in Watertown is great too.

                2. Best in boston, Falafel King in Downtown Crossing! There's also one in Quincy.

                  1. In retrospect, I wish I'd gone with my initial plan for a couple slices at Pinocchio's. The falafel roll-up is popularly priced ($4.49 for a pretty large sandwich), but the falafel were uninspired at best, plus at least one of them was a bit burnt. The lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and hummus were nothing special, and the pita was a bit stale. Plus the guy made my sandwich, warmed it in a sandwich press, then wrapped it in paper and foil and put it BACK under the sandwich press for some reason, which made part of the pita fuse to the paper and made it a mess to eat.

                    If I was desperate for something to eat after midnight in Harvard Square, it would do. But most of the time, I'm hopping a tram up Mt. Auburn and going to Fordee's, which is still by some distance the best falafel in town.

                    1. I like Jerusalem Pita in Brookline Village (recently reviewed in the Globe). Slow, but I thought the food was really good. Also closed for Shabbat, I expect. And because it's strictly kosher, no outside food is allow.

                      The place up Mass Ave in Cambridge, sort of across from Cambridge Common isn't bad, but it isn't great either. Jerusalem is better. (In both cases, I got take out, which isn't really fair to falafel, which should be eaten hot and fresh.)

                      1. What the take on the falafel trucks at MIT? which one is better?