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New Restaurant Fusion 22 French Asian

Fusion 22/French Asian.
This place looks like it will be opening soon.
Located in the Green Brook Plaza Rt 22 West.
If anyone see it open or has more info let us know.

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  1. French/Asian sounds very interesting


    1. Here's a link http://fusionon22.com. Looks like it's the same people who have Fusion on Main in Flemington

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      1. Wouldn't French / Asian be a natural pairing? Vietnamese cuisine, and to a lesser extent Thai, show influences of their earlier years as French colonies.

        1. This restaurant is now open per the website.

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            Ate there last week and the food was excellent. All dishes were well spiced and menu was interesting. Dishes we tried included a dry rub chicken, black bean venison, garlic chicken, and a scallop and calamari dish. All the dishes were well spiced, interesting, well prepared, well presented and had very fresh veggies. The black bean benison was a standout - it tasted like the best orange beef I've ever had but made with venison. The sauces were not overly salty. Portions were a nice size (not too small or big). Prices were about average for the area ($8 - $10 for appetizers, $12 - $16 for entrees) . Desserts were quite tasty too. The place is decorated nicely and the owner is friendly and anxious to please. The waitress we had was terrible - she messed up 3 out of the 5 dishes that we ordered. Another apologetic waitress replaced her and they comp'ed us 3 desserts - which were all excellent (a "coconut creme brulee" which was really a flan, a "chocolate mousse cake" which was really a decadent ly rich frozen mousee with raspberries, and I can't remember the third on but I know it was gone quickly :). We will definitely return.

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              Thanks for sharing your experience.

              Black Bean Venision sounds delicious,
              At home we just have the occasional Bambi Burger.

          2. While my dining experience was a few weeks back, the cuisine was Indo-Chinese.
            Nothing about it was french.
            The menu appeared to be very similar to MING in Edison NJ.
            Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and technically if it is your opinion, who is to say that you are wrong.
            My option, skip this place, save your money.
            On a positive note, the restaurant is beautiful, with a room that can be used for a private party, and the Lime Soda was delicious!

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              Shabby, I agree that you're not going to find French cuisine at Fusion 22. You will, however, find quite a bit of French influence. The chef was trained in French cooking and he uses this background in the preparation of the various dishes found on the menu.

              And of course a lot of the cuisine from southeast Asia is already fusion because Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam were all part of France's overseas empire. The whole region was often referred to as French Indochina. See cantkick's comment above.

              Remember that even banh mi, which is found in many Vietnamese restaurants, derives from a French "sandwich" usually made with a baguette.

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                You are kind. Thank you for the insight.
                I do love learning and I am reading as much as I can.
                It is funny when you mentioned Vietnamese Restaurants and French influence, I think of our trip to Rennes. This wonderful take out Vietnamese place, should have tried one of those sandwiches rather than the summer roll when I had the chance!

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                  It's true that Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia were known as French Indochina. You will find French breads all over Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia...French-derived sandwiches are typically known as "Khao Jee Pate" in the Lao language or "Banh Mi" in Vietnamese. I'm not sure what they're called in Cambodian.

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                  Thought about my post, should add details about the food and service.
                  The restaurant was busy for lunch. They had a steady stream of take out orders. Unfortunately they have nowhere for the customers waiting for food to sit. They were all standing, and complaining about how long it was taking to get their food right over our table.
                  We shared an order of shrimp dumplings. These were not homemade, tasted like something you would get out of a frozen bag at the local market, coated in oil, thrown on a plate, not properly plated on a bed of lettuce, filled with shrimp paste that was not pleasing to our palette. In addition, the dipping sauce of choice was off. Next the Calamari salad. These were fried burnt, chewy rings, placed over a bed of wilted greens. The sauce was very similar to the sauce we had with our dumplings.
                  We did comment to the waitress, but she was so busy trying to get the take out orders out the door, our main dishes arrived, before a replacement salad could be brought, she was so sweet, we felt bad and told her not to worry.
                  We shared Veggie Hakka Noodles which were ok, again MING Restaurant being the point of comparison and our Scallops and Prawns were overcooked and the sauce again very similar to the previous dishes.

                  Lastly the Lime soda was delicious but they charged us 5.00 a glass.

                  That being said sure, when we dined they had only been open for a month, it could have been a bad day, maybe the chef for lunch is not the chef they use for dinner. In any case, it was not a positive dining experience for us. Hope this adds some clarity to the dissatisfaction above.

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                    Hi Shabby

                    If you want to try French japanese ,try fusion 2 steakhouse in shoppes of hamilton
                    which owned by the same people from Kenji Fusion

                3. Recently had the (M-F) $9.99 buffet lunch and it was wonderful. The owners are gracious and welcoming and the staff accomodating and well trained. They brought items from the buffet to the table and water was constantly filled (a pet peeve of mine if not done). The soup was cauliflower and the salad cut up vegetables with two sauces. There were two chicken dishes, (one green curry), a breaded fish in a dark tamarind sauce, Vegetable Mancurian, delicous vegetable meat balls, dry spiced potatoes, jasmine rice, lo mein (well-done, not typical Cantonese variety, vegetable fried rice. Half of the selections were vegetarian, which the owners say they try to do. The desserts were coconut creme brulee cakes and mango custard squares. Some of the buffet items are not on the lunch or dinner menu so I expect the selection will vary. The decor is lovely. I plan to return for dinner; want to try the lobster, duck and stuffed tofu dishes. The website is fusionon22.com

                  1. Warning to all BYOB drinkers - while they say they are BYOB - "Fusion on 22"charges a $7 per person "cork service fee"! We just ate there and were having a very enjoyable meal and would have left happy customers (new customers also!) until we received the bill and saw a $14 "cork fee". And the fee was for 2 BEERS - not even wine. So - if you have 6 people in your party and plan to split a 6-pack, expect to pay $42 for the priveledge!!! I was so incensed by the fee that I had to call the restaurant when I got home to ensure that it was not a mistake. I spoke to the manager we met at the restuarant and he confirmed that there is a $7 per person cork fee - even for beer. He explained that all "restaurants of our caliber" have such fees. This was the first time I was ever charged a cork fee at a BYOB place?? I've only seen "corkage fees" at fine restaurants that HAVE a liquor license but are willing to allow you to bring your own WINE for a corkage fee I also noticed that neither their menu nor their website makes any mention of the charge. So- BEWARE. I will never return - I feel like I was screwed. It's a shame since they would have had two repeat customers otherwise.

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                      It is illegal in NJ to charge a corkage fee in a BYO restaurant. A restaurant with a liquor license can charge a corkage fee.

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                        Rosie is absolutely correct. You may want to have a "conversation" with the manager of Fusion 22 and ask for a refund of the $14. Other states may allow BYO restaurants to charge a corkage fee, but not New Jersey.

                        Quoting from the New Jersey Alcoholic Beverage Control Handbook:


                        Unless there is a local ordinance prohibiting it, customers of an unlicensed restaurant may be permitted by the ownership of the restaurant to bring and consume only wine and beer. The restaurant can supply glasses, ice, etc., but may not impose a cover, corkage or service charge. Also, under no circumstances may spirituous liquors be permitted. There may be no advertising whatsoever of the fact that wine or beer may be permitted. Additionally, the owner may not permit wine or beer to be consumed during hours in which the sale of these products is prohibited by licensees in that municipality, nor allow consumption of beer or wine by persons under 21 years or by persons who are actually or apparently drunk or intoxicated. (N.J.S.A. 2C:33-27.)


                        Since the statute (N.J.S.A. 2C:33-27) applies to non-licensed premises, violations should be reported to the police department of the municipality in which the offending restaurant is located.”

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                          Regarding the corkage fee: Someone must have had a talk with the management at Fusion on 22 because I specifically asked our server about it before we opened our two bottles of wine at dinner on Sunday night. He said, no, there was no corkage charge. I didn't press for an explanation of past practice, and indeed there was no added fee when we got our bill.
                          And for what it's worth, we enjoyed an excellent meal (chili chicken dry as an appetizer, Mongolian lamb and a seafood medley as mains and fried bananas with vanilla ice cream for dessert). This was our fourth or fifth time at Fusion on 22, and it's on our keeper list.
                          Especially since their misguided idea to try to implement a corkage charge has been ditched.

                          1. re: bocomo

                            I also ate there recently and enjoyed it. The corkage fee is long gone and the manager was very curious why people keep asking about it... we liked the food. I went with parents so they wanted some of the less adventurous menu items, but the fish I ordered was excellent. In my mind, there was not that much fusion going on, but the Southeast Asian food was tasty and definitely a good option in Central NJ.