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Jun 17, 2009 12:29 PM

New Restaurant Fusion 22 French Asian

Fusion 22/French Asian.
This place looks like it will be opening soon.
Located in the Green Brook Plaza Rt 22 West.
If anyone see it open or has more info let us know.

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  1. French/Asian sounds very interesting


    1. Here's a link Looks like it's the same people who have Fusion on Main in Flemington

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      1. Wouldn't French / Asian be a natural pairing? Vietnamese cuisine, and to a lesser extent Thai, show influences of their earlier years as French colonies.

        1. This restaurant is now open per the website.

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            Ate there last week and the food was excellent. All dishes were well spiced and menu was interesting. Dishes we tried included a dry rub chicken, black bean venison, garlic chicken, and a scallop and calamari dish. All the dishes were well spiced, interesting, well prepared, well presented and had very fresh veggies. The black bean benison was a standout - it tasted like the best orange beef I've ever had but made with venison. The sauces were not overly salty. Portions were a nice size (not too small or big). Prices were about average for the area ($8 - $10 for appetizers, $12 - $16 for entrees) . Desserts were quite tasty too. The place is decorated nicely and the owner is friendly and anxious to please. The waitress we had was terrible - she messed up 3 out of the 5 dishes that we ordered. Another apologetic waitress replaced her and they comp'ed us 3 desserts - which were all excellent (a "coconut creme brulee" which was really a flan, a "chocolate mousse cake" which was really a decadent ly rich frozen mousee with raspberries, and I can't remember the third on but I know it was gone quickly :). We will definitely return.

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              Thanks for sharing your experience.

              Black Bean Venision sounds delicious,
              At home we just have the occasional Bambi Burger.

          2. The original comment has been removed