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Jun 17, 2009 12:23 PM

college visit

coming to visit boston college - where should we eat? especially breakfasts? last week of june.

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  1. What kind of restaurants are you interested in, and price range?

    Mikes diner in the south end is pretty good for breakfast, I want to try new place called the friendly toast in Cambridge. Sadly boston is not a great breakfast city, however there are tons of options for brunch if you're here on a weekend.

    1. Where will you be staying? Are you just visiting BC, or other schools too?

      1. Near BC, go to Athan's Bakery on Washington Street in Brighton. Some eggy breakfast options and great baked goods. Excellent bagels at Rosenfeld's in Newton Centre.

        EDIT: Athan's in Brighton is not "T" accessible - Try Athan's Bakery on the C line on Beacon Street, though don't think they have breakfast at that location.
        You can take the D line to Newton Centre for Rosenfeld's.

        1. staying in hotel in back bay - only visiting boston college. no hotel food - just good food (quantity and quality!) that we can get to walking or the t.

          1. We finally paid attention to all the raves for La Morra in Brookline Village. Wonderful dinner.