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Jun 17, 2009 12:16 PM

"I'm tired of these mother Pho Khang snakes on this mother Pho Khang plane!" - Pho Khang in Santa Clara

I discovered this place sounds like a bad word! If you remember that "pho" is pronounced "fa" and follow that quickly with "khang" you get... well, you can figure it out. Awesome. Now I want to go here more just so I can say things like:

"Quit Pho Khang around!"
"Pho Khang A!"
"Are you Pho Khang kidding me?"

The first time I went here at 2 p.m. we had the place to ourselves. The second time I visited at 12:30 we got the only open table. Decor consists of a bunch of tables.

The chicken sauteed with green bean over steamed rice ($7.25) included white meat chicken (a plus!), and the flavor was strong but a little one dimensional. The bun (vermicelli noodles) with grilled lemongrass chicken was $7.25, but I splurged and paid 20 cents more for the version with an eggroll. The eggroll was very fried, filled with shrimp and only OK. The bun needed more in terms of bean sprouts, peanuts, and herbs. The lemongrass chicken wasn't very lemongrassy in taste, and the sauce didn't really complement the bun. My friend really liked the pork bun.

I feel like this place has potential. I just haven't found the right dish. In the meantime what I most enjoy about it is saying "Pho Khang."

Pho Khang
2207 Tasman Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054

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  1. You didn't try the pho bo? I've found that places that name themselves "Pho" whatever aren't good at anything else.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I'm sure you're right about that Melanie, but I didn't try the pho. The majority of their menu is non-pho.

      1. re: wolfe

        Phuket in a Bucket is awesome.

        It's good (for humanity) that I haven't eaten at Phuket in San Francisco.
        "Phuket! Let's just eat at Phuket!"
        (And yes, I know it's not pronounced that way, but who cares when it sounds so good...)

        (Incidentally we considered Phuket for our honeymoon but learned it was typhoon season on that side of Thailand. So we were all, "Phuket! Let's go to Koh Samui instead.")

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        1. Is there a category for "Best Title" of a post? If so, for your consideration... I nominate Katya! Must clean my laptop screen now... adam

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            Agreed. SF Chowhounders are such a serious, intense bunch, I feel like I have to display my most utmost appropriate behavior when i post something here.

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              Not everyone. I did have to delete Bert of Sesame Street doing "You talking to me" his De Niro.

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