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Jun 17, 2009 11:48 AM

Romantic dinner near Herndon/Reston area (or Tyson's Corner)

Hey all!

Wedding anniversary is coming up soon.. We live in Herndon, near the airport, and are willing to travel as far as Tyson's corner for a great dinner for two! It's a weekday night and we work late, so no D.C. venturing for us =(

I'm thinking some place with great wine, delicious food (of course!), romantic atmosphere, and preferably a great view. Something a little formal would be nice - gives me a chance to dress up. ;)

Price range - not picky, we're fine with spending up to 200 bucks for something really yummy.

Thanks in advance peoples!!

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  1. Passion Fish should be your first choice - and search for Joe H's favorite table - asking to reserve that table. It overlooks the room.

    Mon Ami Gabi should be on the consideration list. My wife and I had a nice romantic dinner out a couple of months ago at Ice House Cafe in oldtown Herndon. I think most Saturday nights have a jazz band. A reservation is encouraged but not absolutely necessary.

    I would also consider El Manantial in Reston or Cafe Montmarte at Lake Anne - the latter especially if it's a nice night weather wise (al fresco dining).

    1. Not a great view, not an uber romanticly decorated restaurant. But very good food and wine and service at Inox and definitely a place you could dress up. I would go on my anniversary happily (the walnut financier is wonderful).

      I second Passionfish we really like it. Their soups are excellent, fyi.

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          Second meets all of your criteria.

        2. L'Auberge Chez Francois in Great Falls is also excellent for a special occasion..

          The Chateaubriand is our favorite menu choice.

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            agree also with l'auberge and together with 2941 are both lovely restaurants, romantic with excellent food and service.

            1. re: dining with doc

              I went to 2941 a few months ago. While the food was good, it wasn't great. And was pretty forgettable actually. The only thing I can remember from tasting the dishes from our party of 5 was the hen which isn't on their online menu now. Both hubby and I felt it was a little expensive for the experience. We liked both Jonathan Krinn and Scott Bryan in the kitchen a little better. But the wine service and atmosphere are excellent. I wish the chef would step outside traditional safe a bit. I just don't know if I would go back unless I heard some new wow reviews.

          2. Have you tried Vinifera Wine Bar & Bistro in Reston? They are located right next to the Westin Hotel. THey have an awesome menu and wine list. There is nothing like them in the area.