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Jun 17, 2009 11:38 AM

Restaurants With Parking


My wife and I will be in New Orleans next week to visit my 85 year old mother-in-law. My wife and her mother are natives of New Orleans. I am looking for really good restaurants that either have Valet Parking, their own lots or parking lots really close to restaurants.

I know Commanders Palace has parking, but does Muriels, or Arnaud's. I am also looking for restaurants running specials.



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  1. Delmonico and Emeril's both have valet parking.

    1. Arnauds does have valet parking, but I am not certain if I would recommend going there to dine. Some restaurants offer validated parking in hotel garages, but I suppose you could call and ask if there were a specific restaurant you wished to visit. There are a few pay lots, if you wanted to drop off your wife and MIL and walk back to the restaurant. I know that Bayona has an early bird special from 4-6 for 3 courses for $30.00 with 19 cent martinis to celebrate their anniversary and I believe that Mr. B's is doing something similiar. Muriels always has a prix fixe menu with many offerings that is quite reasonably priced but I don't think they have valet parking. Depending on where your MIL lives, you may want to consider a cab, when dining in the Quarter.

      1. Murial's validates for parking at a garage in the 500 block of Chartres St., two blocks + Jackson Square from the restaurant, but does not have valet.

        1. Brennan's Bacco has valet nextdoor at the W Hotel, and is offering its summer special of 3-courses for $25, until 7pm.

          Bacco Restaurant
          310 Chartres Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

          1. Two that immediately come to my mind are MiLa, as they are in the Pere Marquette, with parking just two doors down and Stella! where you can drop off at the door, and have the car brought around back to that door.

            If you have a wheelchair bound diner, both will easily accommodate that. Stella! even has a back door, so the wheelchair doesn't have to pass through the main dining area. Just let them know.

            Bound to be more, and I'll add them as they come into my mind.

            Oh! Ralph's on the Park has also accommodated us well, even with the wheelchair.


            Stella Restaurant
            1032 Chartres Street, New Orleans, LA 70116

            Ralphs On the Park
            900 City Park Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70119

            817 Common Street, New Orleans, LA 70112

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              I second MiLa and Stella. Have yet to visit Ralph's but I've heard conflicting reviews. Gee I guess you can say that about all restaurants.

              1. re: Bill Hunt

                Check out the review I did for "First anniversay". (sorry I have yet to figure out how to link and I suppose I should ask my oldest daughter) There are many discounts and I have detailed them out for this gentleman. Over the summer, many restaurants have discounted meals and specials.