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Jun 17, 2009 11:13 AM

HEEEEELP - Need a chocolate souffle fast!

Ok my girlfriends birthday is today, and I was planning on taking her to Grace so she could have her absolutely fave dessert in Toronto, their chocolate souffle.

Unfortunately, when I called yesterday they have switched up their pastry menu and no longer offer it, it is now a chocolate mousse instead.

I need your help to find a resto in toronto that offers an amazing chocolate souffle, or at least concoction close enough to it that will satisfy her.

Failing that, a restaurant with incredible innovative desserts will do, especially on the chocolate side, she is a true dessert fiend!

Oh, and I need to book it today!

Thanks so much

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  1. i seem to remember George having one on their menu, but that was some time ago- may need to check if they still serve it....

    1. Truffles @ the FOur Seasons has it on the menu - haven't tried it though. Also, I don't eat dessert much, so I'm not sure I could even evaluate it!

      A google search shows that 'The Dessert Lady" on cumberland might have them. Not sure if they have a sit in area (I would think so). So perhaps that might be a good last resort.


      1. Last time I went to Morton's they had it on their dessert menu

        1. If you can't find anything, I would take here out to dinner (no dessert), then make one of these at home, it's very easy.