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Jun 17, 2009 10:52 AM

Recs near H street for a Preconcert dinner

Attending a concert @ the Rock N Roll Hotel (1353 H St NE Washington, DC 20002) this Sunday, and am looking for a good place to grab a bite and drink w/ the GF beforehand.

So far the places I've found are Granville Moore's for mussels & beer, Stick Rice for sushi, MAYBE H Street Country Club (no golf), and Sova Espresso and Wine (but not sure if they serve food beyond pastries) for a drink. Napa 1015 looked good, but isn't open on Sundays.

Any places im missing or any place worth it with a little more walking distance? Any comments on any of the above places? Seems to be a mixed bag from my search. Not looking looking for anything too pricey, Napa was probably at the top of my price point. Thanks.

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  1. definitely granville moore's. they are more than just mussels if you're not in the mood. i had a great burger there and the fries are sooooooo good.

    1. I also like Sticky Rice. I like the non-normal sushi rolls, and they have a beef dish that is spicy that I really like you can get it with choice of noodles I think udon is the best. Although I can't tell if I think their Richmond location is better. I think it just might be the better atmosphere the way it is laid out but I don't know...

      Want to go to Granville Moore's. It is hard to get hubby to park his BMW there, but after I told him we could metro to union station and cab I think we might get over there more!

      1. Taylor has terrific sandwiches. Really, really good.
        Argonaut offers a great menu and uses a lot of local foods.
        SOVA does offer panini. It's also a terrific place for a drink after the show. Their specialty cocktails are first rate. The bar is upstairs.
        Make sure that you have a Plan B if you're heading to Granville's because it can get really busy sometimes and you don't want to be rushed for your performance.

        BTW, there's a very convenient shuttle bus that runs from the heart of Chinatown to the H Street Atlas District. I can't remember if it's free or cost $1.
        It also stops at Union Station and several places along H Street.
        Runs until the Metro closes. About every 1/2 hour.

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          Awesome, looks like i have a bounty of choices. Thanks for the heads up about Granville, I think I may just play it by ear since all the places are casual and in a small vicinity.

          Ill check the bus out as well. Uh oh, should I consider places in Chinatown now too?

          1. re: ingramcol

            Thanks for the tip on Argonaut, it really fit the bill.

            Quick Report Back:

            Tried to grab a table at Granville Moore’s, but there was an hour wait, and somewhat of an attitude from the person working the door. I get that the place is popular, but I don’t like to feel like Im being done a big favor by being allowed to eat somewhere, but I digress. Also tried for a table at Sticky Rice, but they too had an hour wait. Hostess was very friendly and told us we could sit at the bar but the bar just didn’t look appealing enough to stick around, and we weren’t really in a sushi mood anyways.

            So that take us to Argonaut, kinda looks like a dive from the outside, but that’s what I was expecting. Inside was a little less than half full, but the outside patio, where we sat, was hopping. Now the view left a little to be desired, basically an intersection, but I prefer the option to sit outside regardless of the view to be had, and the patio itself was quite pleasant. Drink list was very solid. Only 4 draught beers, but a really thoughtful selection covering all the bases, including the awesome Dogfish 90 Min IPA; the bottle selection was really extensive, with lots of top-quality microbrews, as well as some deals (PBR). Wine list looked good too, but wasn’t in the mood. Started with some Dark 'n' Stormys off the cocktail list, which were nicely prepared and really fit the atmosphere.

            Ahh yes, the food, good menu, lots of seafood, lots of bar food, lots of sandwiches, 3 kinds of french fries (Pomme frites, sweet potato, & garlic fingerling). I had the fish and chips (called something else), which were really solid, with good fries, the fingerling. The GF had the fish tacos, a very generous portion, that she engulfed (politely of course). Since this was a preconcert meal, our focus was more on drinks, but our food was delicious, thoughtfully prepared, and I would guess that more elaborate meals would meet similar standards.

            As for attitude, the staff couldn’t be nicer, were really pumped on the food and drinks they served, and seemed to understand they worked at an undiscovered gem (dive bar with good food). Now I say undiscovered b/c it had no long wait like its neighbors, but the patio was packed with what seemed liked folks from the neighborhood, who probably don’t want to wait an hour or so to get a good meal.

            Quick summary, Argonaut, great place to grab a meal and drinks if you’re in the area or happen to arrive at either Granville Moore’s or Sticky Rice and discover a wait or an attitude you didn’t expect. Also struck me as a nice place to have brunch if you live near by.