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Jun 17, 2009 10:49 AM

What to do with beets?

I roasted lots that I got at the farmers market. Too many really. We've had them plain, in salads, with feta, etc. What else can I do with them? They are already cooked and sliced. I am so running out of ideas.

for pics http://www.cookingschmooking.blogspot...

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  1. My friends and I have 2 CSA shares and we just got a bunch of beets too. We had a fantastic dish with them which we took from Deborah Madison's local flavors (though we tweaked it a bit)

    first, make some marinated onions by taking some nice sweet onions (spring if you have them, otherwise red) and slicing them. Put them in a bowl and cover them with white wine vinegar or something similar (we used apple cider vinegar). put them in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

    we steamed the beet tops for 2 minutes and let them cool. If you dont have beet tops, maybe you can use spinach? Next we steamed the beets. Since yours are roasted, I'd just reheat them.

    Last, we made a homemade pesto and tossed it with the beets and the greens. Then, we topped it with the marinated onions. The beets and pesto together are really rich, so the onions bring in just the right amount of acidity and crunch.

    This was a big hit with 5 people who didnt think that they liked beets, so its worth a shot!

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        You think I'm Russian? I'll give it a shot.

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          There are some excellent Middle Eastern beet soups. It's not all borscht.

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            Yes, soup kibbe with beets

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              I love kibbe, but can't imagine how to do it with beets.

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                First note I don't cook by recipe

                For the kibbe/kubbaI decided to make the shell using a combination of coarse and fine bulgur wheat, semolina and a little ground rice along with some 99% fat free ground turkey I found at the market and mixed syrian spices. I used this same turkey for the filling which was mixed with diced onions, celery leaves and spices.

                For the soup I used 2 large beets, 2 large turnips, carrots, onions, celery, garlic, a red potato, sweet potato and the tops from the beets and turnips. Because this had so many vegetables I didn't want to add the kubba directly to the soup for fear of them breaking up so simmered them in chicken broth first which was then added to the soup. I good dose of lemon was added for a sweet and sour taste. Over all I was impressed with the soup and kubbah. Of course I will not be able to make it exactly two times in a row which is par of my cooking.

      2. we like sliced cold beets topped with sourcream/horseradish and chopped boiled eggs.

        (I guess you've demonstrated that the beets go on.)

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          Goin has a marvelous sauce with creme fraiche, cream and horseradish. May be a little lemon juice to.

          Here's a link to a dish I've recently made, twice:

          I then used the beets in a "salade Nicoise" of sorts as well.

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              By the way - the "new" advanced search function is working quite nicely now. You can put "beets", for example, in the "title" box, and get useful results.

              Edit - to get to advanced search, just click on search, and proceed from there:


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            I wish I'd thought of that ...the beets go on! Very clever indeed. I just made chopped liver so I do have some boiled eggs around...and the other stuff too.

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              Thank you. I did a search for beet recipes before posting..but I was too lazy to do what you did. Now I feel bad. Okay, I'm over it now. Thanks again!

              Hey, I could've started yet another thread on "what's your favorite foodie movie?"

            2. make a salad with thin slice fennel bulb, raw or cooked beets, supremes of oranges, the fennel tops or dill and a nice vinaigrette made with the orange juice from the orange you sectioned.

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                That's a wicked salad! I love to roast them whole, then peel and use in salads or just eat them warm with a bit of butter. Roasting changes and enhances the flavor substantially.

                I also love rutabaga beet juice. Seriously it's great Two thirds rutabaga, on third beet. Deep purple, sweet and delicious!