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Jun 17, 2009 10:10 AM

Robin des Bois, anyone have been recently?

Was it good? Discuss please.

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  1. Hmm... no response yet. I was hoping to read some opinions as well. I only recently heard about this place, and would like to try it out. Great concept.

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    1. re: Andria

      Probably going next week. I'll let you know ...

      1. re: estilker

        I was there a few weekends ago, and found it to be pretty good -- nothing that I'd write home about, but the ambiance was festive, the service was thoughtful, and the food was good (I use that last word intentionally -- not great, not poor). My dining companions like it more than I did. RDB has received so much press attention that I'm surprised you haven't heard from more people.

    2. We ended up having dinner there this Friday night, after a few beers at Dieu du Ciel. Plenty of CSA veggies were waiting for us in the fridge at home, but we decided they could wait another day!
      It was about 8h30, and the place wasn't full, but still had a nice vibe. The tables are nicely spaced out, and the decor is simple but feels classy, with original lighting and colorful chairs.
      We only took a main and a dessert, as we weren't super hungry. The menu has cold and hot appetizers, "naked" mains which you can match with the side of your choice, or "clothed" mains. A fun idea! We tried the chermoula grouper with olive polenta fries, the steak with fries and the pasta of the day (linguine with smoked salmon/capers/ cream). All were tasty and well presented. My fish was moist and nicely cooked, with an herb chermoula on top, a few olives and a roasted tomato. The polenta fries were very good, with a spicy mayo (which had a strong paprika aftertaste though). Linguine was creamy with a generous portion of smoked salmon. The steak was cooked as requested and tender.
      These were not fancy dishes, but were comforting and well prepared. Very reasonable prices too.

      For dessert, we tried the lemon pot de crème with labneh cream, cardamome Malva pudding and banana chocolate brownie. The brownie was the clear winner!!

      We had a little chat with the chef, who explained that the place works with roughly 50% of paid staff in the kitchen and as waiters. Volunteer works is facilitated as no limited time is required, no experience needed, and volunteers choose their schedule online. Neat!