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Jun 17, 2009 10:08 AM

Szechuan Chef (Bellevue)

We went last week and were very disappointed. I don't know if it changed hands but I didn't recognize the staff. They didn't have any crab and gave us a story about only small ones being available (tanks in other places had plenty of fat crab). The Chong Quin Chicken was not flavored well with the chicken dry and over-fried, the Dry-fried green beans were over-fried and not well spiced, and the Seafood with Hot Garlic Sauce had fish balls instead of scallops and only a few of their baby bamboo shoots. We are almost ready to cross them off our rotation list. Is anybody else noticing any changes, or was this just a fluke?

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  1. you know, we've never actually made it to Szechuan Chef because we are so in love with Bamboo Garden and now, "thanks" to your report, we are even less likely to try . Unfortunately, i hate wasting food budget testing places where there has been a bad report. Inevitably, I spend the visit thinking how I could be at restaurant X instead.......

    I have heard good things about them in the past so I hope someone else will jump in with another opinion. Otherwise, it is always sad when a tasty place tanks.....

    1. It wasn't a fluke!
      We went to Szechuan Chef tonight (we've been going since they opened and loved it) and after a very poor meal asked one of the waiters if there was a new owner. He confirmed that it has changed hands. I need to find someplace new.