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Jun 17, 2009 10:02 AM

Red Deer: butcher, baker...

This chowhound & family may be moving to Red Deer shortly and maybe I don't need a candlestick maker but I do need to know where to get spices, cheeses, bread, produce... I don't know where to shop since my experience in Red Deer up 'til now I'm ashamed to say has been a quick stop on the way elsewhere.

Any assistance you can provide would be very much appreciated.

<<I'm also hoping for non-food-related tips like neighbourhoods, schools etc which since it's OT on this board please please email me (see profile). >>

Thank you!

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  1. Well it's official now, we're moving to Red Deer.... Dean? Anyone? Any suggestions you have would be most appreciated.


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      I am ashamed to say I get most of my 'chow' in Calgary.
      I have lived here almost 10 years and have never found a cheese shop in RD. Now, that being said we do have a world class cheese shop out at Sylvan Star which is on Hgy #11A west of RD. He has won a ton of awards and his products are incredible.
      The farmers market at the arena on Saturday A.M. has a lot of vendors selling bread, cheese (including SS), meat and produce.
      We do have some of the best restaurants in Alberta here including It's All Greek to Me, Restaurant 27 (2 locations), Las Palmeras (Mexican) and my favourite Chinese Food at Lucky's in The Jackpot Casino.
      Gosh, posting this I realize it's not so bad here after all!
      Dean in Red Deer

    2. There is a Big Bend Market up in South Point Common that sells meat, if you are into that. I think bison and buffalo? I have actually never been there before, but drive by it from time to time.

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        I was at Big Bend the other day for the first time. I was at a dinner where the host had purchased both beef and bison steaks. They were so incredible!
        I was going by the other day at noon and thought I would go in.
        I had a smoked Montreal Bison sandwich which was made fresh for $6.99. There was a 1/4 lb of meat and then my choice of white or whole wheat bread, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, pickles and hot peppers.
        I was not disappointed at all and would go again.
        Dean in Red Deer

      2. Thanks both of you for the tips - I'm a little less worried about this move now :) DH is already in Red Deer all this week so I'll pass along the restaurant info.

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        1. re: maplesugar

          And please share what things you find once you come to Red Deer. I'm looking to go to the Farmers Market to get more of my produce, rather than the usual massive haul from Costco. But then again, I go through fresh fruits pretty fast.

        2. Ok, so we're (mostly) settled in to the new house. Here's what we've found so far:

          >>>> Sylvan Lake Farmers Market: probably similar to Red Deer but when it's a choice between driving 20+ min or stopping between school and home, I'll pick the later. We arrived before opening but the vendors were still very accomodating. Vendors I can remember (visited with all three kids in tow)
          >> Innisfail Growers: stellar produce from a group of local farms - my fave being fresh peas and (when available) asparagus from Edgar Farms. Starting to see squash and other fall veggies.
          >> Sheila's Range: Took home some delicious Antipasto that even the kids are getting in to.
          >> Nice Buns: (yes really) cute baked goods kiosk with some enticing looking cinnamon rolls.(I was on the hnt for corn more than anything so I'll have to check it out next week)
          >> Jensen Taber Corn: $9 for a dozen and judging by my sore arm they weigh a pound each. $32 for 4 dozen.
          >> Abbotsford Corn vendor: seeing I had a big bag of Taber corn already suggested I sample his corn and I'd become a regualr customer since he picked his just yesterday. The implication being that the Taber stuff I already bought wasn't picked so recently - a tactic I didn't really appreciate. The proof will be in the comparison tonight.
          >> Lil Ones mini donuts: not exactly what I'd call local produce but low blood sugar and three excited kids made me do it. $4/bag (a dozen I think) for what smelled promising turned out to be too soft, maybe slightly undercooked? donuts. Even a "bad" donut is still a deep fried treat, the kids really liked them but I'll wait til Stampede.
          >> Other highlights - the German baker who's also at Northland was there, along with a Ukranian perogy trailer I've seen at Millarville.

          1. Yesterday's non-food related errands provided me with an excuse to stop by Big Bend Market. I had remembered from this thread and spotted it on an earlier trip but it was closed at the time. I'm really glad I went back. It turns out Big Bend Market is run by the good folks who operate Big Bend Bison.
            The store is set up with a cooler, freezer and a long deli bar. I picked up Bison weiners for the kids and plan to go back to stock up our freezer($3.89/lb when you buy in bulk!). The jalapeno cheese smokies would be perfect for Grey Cup I think. There was also a selection of sweets - lemon bars, brownies and that kind of thing - tempting but maybe next time :)

            PS: Big Bend Market has an "interest" in Restaurant 27 (menu at the cash caught my eye so I asked about it) - definitely on my list of places to check out for date night with DH.