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Jun 17, 2009 09:48 AM

Best place to buy morels in NYC?

My father is a rabid wild mushroom fan, especially morels, and I want to make him an incredible meal for father's day. Where is the best place to buy them in NYC? I know places like Dean & Deluca has them, but they never appear to be all that fresh (at least the morels don't). Are there any purveyors in town known for their wild mushroom quantity and quality?

I've heard of Trufette, but have yet to go. Am trying to get a list of possibilities before trekking forth and calling.

Thank you!

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  1. SOS Chefs in the East Village, Avenue B. They will take you into their walk-in fridge which will have maitake, porcinis, and often morels. But they sell out of morels pretty quickly when they have them so I would call in advance.

    The Dean and Deluca and Whole Foods morels tend to be a little dried out.

    Best I've found were foraged by Honey Hollow Farm from Schoharie County, New York, but they've been MIA from the Union Square Greenmarket the last few weeks. :(

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      That's great to know about porcinis. The only ones I've seen were some very dried out ones at Dean & Deluca.

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        Their porcinis are gorgeous and imported from Europe! Basically the same price as the morels. I think $75/lb.

        The morels and porcinis are the most expensive ones they sell. They also have a wider variety of gourmet mushrooms (enokie, maitake, shiitake, etc.) but you need to go to the back and ask to be let into the fridge. The fridge is also where they keep their gorgeous produce (they had beautiful white asparagus very, very briefly).

    2. I bought them at Grace's Marketplace over the weekend and thought they were quite good. About $40 a pound - bought 1/5th to add to a risotto with fava beans. Where is Trufette?

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        (sorry to sidetrack from this thread)

        MMRuth -- could you post your fava bean risotto recipe over on home cooking? I love trying new risotto recipes. And did you get the favas at USQ market? I usually shop at 97th St and haven't yet seen them there. Thanks so much.

        1. re: LNG212

          Sure - it was a "new" creation of mine! I bought them at Grace's as well. We didn't make it to the USQ market this weekend in an attempt (successful) to do "cultural" as opposed to the usual food related weekend activties! I think I bought some favas at USQ two weeks ago, but thought they were a bit mealy.

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            Cool. Thanks so much for sharing your "creation". I've seen favas at Fairway too but I'm never sure how fresh they are when I'm not buying from one of the greenmarkets.

            1. re: LNG212

              I really pick through the pods and try to find the firmest ones. As you'll see in my recipe, I don't worry to much about the size.

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                I buy favas at Fairway and it's pretty easy to tell when they're fresh. First, the bin is full, not half empty. And the favas are really bright green without any spots or wrinkling of the skins. Like MMRuth, I pick through the pods one by one. I've bought them there twice so far this season (I have a real weakness for the Salami with Raw Favas, Mint, & Manchego from Zuni) and they've been excellent both times.

            2. re: LNG212

              Eckerton Hill had fava beans today, but there weren't that many left around 9:30am. I expect them to go pretty fast on Saturday, too. They're at Union Square Greenmarket on Wednesdays and Saturdays (and Mondays when tomatoes are in season).

              1. re: kathryn

                Just cooked my favas -- they were GREAT. Mmmm! Not mealy at all.

                1. re: kathryn

                  Yuno had great-looking favas yesterday, at UN Plaza market. She is at Union Square on Fridays.
                  She also has fresh shiso, if anyone is interested.

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                  I just did a risotto with slivered snap peas and roasted maitakes with nano vialone.
                  Which rice do your prefer for risottos?
                  Have you ever swapped in caciocavallo or locatelli for parmigiano?
                  What's your base/stock?

                    1. re: MMRuth

                      Wow! Thank you all (for both the shops recs and the fava bean risotto recipe--it may have to accompany my dish, or be my dish for that matter). Recipe digressions are always welcome!
                      I haven't gotten a chance to check back on the boards, so sorry for my delay in replying, but I am much appreciative and plan a serious fungus field trip tomorrow.

                      Trufette is on Ave. B and 7th. I am gonna check it out too and I'll report back : )

                3. I had a very successful morel venture. It seems SOS Chefs is the new name for Trufette. It was unbelievable. I went with my dad and he was completely overwhelmed. They had gorgeous porcinis (enormous), chanterelles, bluefoots and morels! A pound of morels later ($60, pretty good price if you ask me), my father was ecstatic, and the herb roasted chicken pieces in a sour cream sauce with sauteed morels and fava beans topped the weekend off

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                    Thanks for the report - can't wait to check out SOS Chefs.