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Jun 17, 2009 09:44 AM

ISO: ice cream maker

I'm looking for an ice cream maker. Not the salt and ice type, but either the Kitchen Aide attachment of a free standing. ANyone have a recommendation?

ALso, what sort of other things do you make with the Kitchen Aide mixer??

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  1. The pasta dough kneading and cutting set is fantastic.

    And if you're thoroughly convinced you don't want a brine-type ice cream maker, the KA freezer bowl attachment would save you some storage space. ...but I have brine-type and freezer gel type ice cream makers and think brine-type machines make superior ice cream. Plus you can make one batch and turn around and make another without waiting another 24 hours for the bowl to freeze up again and you can make up to 2 qts.

    Give it some thought.

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      The KA ice cream attachment is an affordable, solid product. Everything we've made has come out with an excellent texture with the exception of an olive oil ice cream that froze solid, but I'll blame that on my own calculations and not the machine!

      1. re: ndelson

        Oh, or if you happen to be looking for a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, you can get a free ice cream maker attachment (80$ value) with your stand mixer.

      2. re: rainey

        If you want to use the salt and ice method with a KitchenAid mixer, you could probably do it with the water jacket attachment. When I was a student, we used to do this occasionally with a Hobart mixer, which I think was probably 10 or 12 quarts (it was a countertop model), and the mixing bowl resting in a larger bowl with ice and salt.

        I used to have a Simac Il Gelataio, which was the gel type. I liked that one, because the bowl and the gel insert were one piece, so there weren't too many parts to wash.

        Today I use a Cuisinart self-freezing model. It works well and doesn't take up freezer space and can do multiple batches in sequence, but it's kind of noisy.

      3. Just search this board for "ice cream maker" and you will find more opinions than you care to read. If you already have a Kitchen Aid mixer, just about everyone who uses the ice cream attachment seems to be quite happy with it. If you don't have the mixer, then it gets complicated.

        1. We used a Cuisinart with the frozen bowl for ages, and the ice cream came out fine. Personally, I had a hard time keeping the bowl frozen, and there's no way I can fit the bowl in my current french-door freezer.

          So we actually used the salt-and-ice model that my husband coveted, and I can't believe how much better the ice cream is! It's electric, so there's no cranking, but it gets so much colder that the ice cream seems to freeze better. With the Cuisinart, we pretty much ate it straight out of the container, because it got icy when put in the freezer to harden, but the salt-and-ice ice cream hardens beautifully.

          Just another perspective.