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Preserved Bamboo Shoots...why did I buy this?

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Pantry cleaning time once again and I have unearthed a jar of preserved bamboo shoots. The ingredients say :bamboo, salt, sugar, chili, soybean oil and lactic acid. They look kind of spicey but im reluctant to open them until I have a use for them.

So........besides staring at it....how can I use it? Help me out here Chowhounds...Thanks! :)

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  1. Try throwing it over a bowl of ramen, over hot white rice, or put it into a stir-fry.

    1. quickly stirfry with edamame or lima beans and some addl chili paste w/ garlic if you like spicy. Yum. Dinner for one in an instant.

      1. give them to me so i can eat them straight out of the jar! nom nom nom so good.