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What to do with wheat germ

I bought some wheat germ a few months ago but never used it. Any ideas what I can do with it?

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  1. How have you stored it? If in the fridge or freezer, it should be fine, but if in the cupboard, check it before using, as it can go rancid fairly quickly. You can add it (sub for some flour) to any bread or hearty quick bread/muffin recipe for a rustic texture, wheaty flavor, and increased fiber.

    1. I throw about a handful in my oatmeal (along with raisins and walnuts). And add it to cookie, cake and scone recipes.

        1. I keep a jar in the fridge and sprinkle it on cottage cheese, add to grits, and also add some to breading when I pan fry meats, or bake them in breading. I have added some to fruit smoothies before, but it gave it a certain crunch/grit factor, so I quit that!

          1. It's great sprinkled on salads.

            1. i put half a cup of toasted wheat germ in my whole wheat bread--one-half C to 6 C flour.

              1. I use in in meatloaf instead of bread crumbs

                1. I toast it and sprinkle it over pasta dishes. It doesn't really stay crisp like breadcrumbs would, but it adds a sweet nuttiness.

                  1. I use it in pizza dough and homemade pie crust as well as sprinkling it on my yogurt instead of cereal.

                    1. Put a little in banana bread.

                      1. use it to crust and sear fish like swordfish or a hearty white fish or even an ahi

                        toss in the blender with your favorite protein shake (or combine frozen fruit, plain yogurt (total is great), scoop of protein powder and scoop of wheat germ)

                        sprinkle it on top of baked rice pudding or baked mac'n'cheese

                        mix a little with sweetened ricotta and cinnamon to fill blintzes

                        1. Toast it in a little butter and then toss in whisked eggs. Best scrambled eggs EVAR!