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Jun 17, 2009 09:29 AM

fulton market butchers

i drive by them all the time, but wondering if people can recommend some of the better butchers over in the river west / fulton market area. obviously ones that are wholesale to the public.

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  1. You should try Peoria Packing & Butcher Shop at 1300 W. Lake St Chicago, IL 60607; (312) 738-1800‎.

    It's pretty rad. And i bought steaks and a ton of other stuff for less than $18. It was ridiculous amazing and fun. Bring a hoodie though; it's pretty chilly. :)

    1. Peoria Packing is great for cheap cheap prices. I tend to shop there for things like chicken, pork, bulk sausages, ground beef and stuff like short ribs. However, I do find the quality of their steaks often lacking.
      For nicer steaks at still reasonable prices, I love Columbus Meats on Randolph. They carry choice or higher beef, and will custom cut and trim to your needs. T-bones, strips and ribeyes are typically $6-8/lb.

      1. I had a very bad experience at Peoria. Bought a rump roast that was tied up. After cooking it for 8 hours, sliced it open to find that it was all fat and gristle that had been rolled up together. Threw the entire thing in the garbage. I will never go back.

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          We once got boar and kangaroo meat at Chicago Game & Gourmet if "wild" is the direction you are heading to... :P It's worth the adventure. LOL

          Chicago Game and Gourmet
          350 N Ogden, chicago, IL