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Jun 17, 2009 09:12 AM

Williams-Sonoma Semi-Annual Sale

Does anyone know when the next Williams-Sonoma Semi-Annual Sale is? I know the WS Home Semi-Annual sale is happening now, but what about the original WS? From everything I've read online, they usually have one in the Summer (June/July) and one in the winter (December/January). I have several large items on my wish list that I'd love to be able to catch on sale.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Sorry, don't know when the sale is going to be, but what kind of sales do they usually have during this event? Is cookware/cutlery included? I've got a few big Le Creuset pieces I'm interested in. What %age off is it usually? Thanks for any help.

      1. re: spmc

        It's usually 50-75% off practically everything in the store. Cookware and Cutlery included.

        1. re: JessicaG

          I suspect it will start soon after Father's Day. Right now they are having all these "Grill" promotions for Father's Day.
          I bet it will be next weekend for the big sale.

        2. re: spmc

          I don't know if it's still going on, but there was a sale on Le Creuset at Broadway Panhandler a few weeks ago. I noticed it in the store, but if you're not in NYC, check their website.

      2. The summer sale begins on June 24. An email will go out that day announcing it. The items included in the sale are generally seasonal summer items but there are always some core items that we are overstocked in or that we are no longer going to carry. Once the prices are marked down, they stay marked down until we sell through them, so the sale lasts as long as the inventory lasts. Unfortunately for spmc Le Creuset rarely goes on sale, unless we are getting out of a specific color, in which case that color would go on sale. Cutlery is really hit or miss- it just depends what we're overstocked in, but I would encourage you to check different stores because the selection of sale merchandise varies and, of course, check the sale section of (the sale items are updated every week).
        I hope this helps !

        I hope this helps.

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          Thanks very much for all of the info. That is unfortunate about LC, do any of the other high end brands go on sale, such as Shun or All-Clad?

        2. Funny. I just checked out the website, following the link to the sale items. Just about everything I clicked on came up "no longer available". Is it just a sale for discontinued items?

          ed. Now I see what vvanroijen wrote. sorry.

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          1. re: cuccubear

            The Williams Sonoma store in NY at 59th & Lex had several of the 3.5 low, wide Le Creuset ovens in three colors for $79.99. Don't know what's left though. Was there on Tuesday.

          2. I just got an email with this link, if that helps:


            1. The sale is now on in Canada, very little in the sale actually. There is a table of cookware in one of the stores, mostly Calphalon and a couple of ALl-Clad pieces but otherwise very little on the sale tables.

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                Thanks for the info about Toronto. I was about the head downtown to their store, but won't bother. As with the Christmas sale, towards the end they bring out some odd stuff from the depths of their stockroom deeply reduced. Around mid-July. Only then can you get the real bargains.

                1. re: Smachnoho

                  Good to know, maybe I'll check in time to time over the next couple of weeks. I visited Bloor, Eaton Ctre and Yorkdale already - nothing really there so far and not great reductions but as you say maybe they'll start digging deeper in the stockroom as we get into July!