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Jun 17, 2009 08:44 AM

I Need a large venue in downtown Toronto

I’m looking for a restaurant in the downtown area (between Victoria and University and Wellington and Queen) that would rent out its space for 6 breakfast events. I need to seat up to 100 and it can be informal – even diner style – as long as all the seats can see and hear the speaker. We would be in at 7 for set-up with a 7:30 start time and 8:30 end time. Breakfast can be pretty much any decent assortment. Let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions. There are lots of venues around but I like the idea of an actual restaurant. I may also need something similar for 6 lunches

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  1. a hotel is your best bet, for timing of your events and for the a/v requirement so your guests can hear. they are the professionals, otherwise i think you will be disappointed

    1. the liberty grand might be your best bet

      1. I know none of us are coming through and suggesting an actual restaurant (as requested) but I can't think of one. If the restaurant quest is unsuccessful, you may want to think about the Ontario Heritage Centre:

        1. Rosewater Supper Club has an upstairs private room that might be big enough. I've been to functions there before.