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Jun 17, 2009 08:40 AM

Best Restaurants in Edison, NJ?

I grew up in Edison, NJ, and have moved back from NYC temporarily, and have been pleasantly surprised to hear of all the offerings in my hometown. However, the reality has been kind of mixed. I've had a good meal at Rasoi on Oak Tree Road, and the burgers at the Menlo Park Diner are as amazing as I remember them. I can still get my favorite fast food, Chick-fil-a, here, when I couldn't get them in NYC.

But the memories of Friendly's and Tastee Sub from my childhood don't quite live up to the reality, and the new Five Guys Burgers (a DC favorite) that recently opened up at Woodbridge Mall is a poor substitute for the city's Burger Joint or Shake Shack.

I'm looking for more places to try now... Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I ate at Ming a while back and it was some of the best food I ever had. They have a takeout annex somewhere down the street on Oak Tree Road. It's the same owners as Moghul which I have not tried (except for the Morristown one which was really good). I wish I had the food options that exist there.

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      Ming ROCKS! Just don't go on a Saturday night, it is a MOB SCENE.

      Moghul last dinner visit in Feb 09 still very good...but may be slipping a bit.

    2. There's lots to choose from in and near Edison. I suggest you do a search for places in Edison, Iselin, Woodbridge and Metuchen.

      If you haven't already discovered it, you must try Harold's Deli in Raritan Center:

      And if you like sushi, check out U-Yee Sushi, just off Route 1 South near the Woodbridge Center Mall.