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Jun 17, 2009 08:32 AM

Boston hound needs MSP recommendation near Guthrie

I will be going to something at the Guthrie tonight. Hoping you can give me one or two restaurants within a couple of miles of the Guthrie, for dinner. Am flexible but want a nice atmosphere and a liquor license, decent parking options, and not too loud. Hey, you guys in MSP need your own board!!!!! I think you should start a campaign to recede from the "midwest" board!

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  1. My favorite place that meets almost all your requirements is Restaurant Alma, but sadly they just have beer/wine (not sure if you specifically wanted a cocktail with your meal in which case this wont work).

    The food is very midwestern, but in a decidedly modern way, with a strong commitment to local ingredients and its a nice room without being stuffy or pretentious in any way (its not cheap though).

    I personally consider this board to be mostly MSP, but who doesnt have self serving biases like that.

    1. Here is a website with 6 restaurants within the Guthrie (I haven't tried them) good luck! ;-)

      1. Spoonriver is the obvious choice as it's in the Guthrie complex.

        Sanctuary is a couple blocks away.

        "Within a couple miles of the Guthrie" would include all of downtown Minneapolis, by the way.

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          Technically, i think, Spoonriver is not part of the Guthrie building as Foureyes mentions, but it is just across the way and would not require you to repark.

          You could possibly walk across the stone arch bridge from Alma to get to the Guthrie, depending on your opinion of walking and preference in footwear, its not too far and could be a nice break between a meal and another sedentary activity at the theater.

        2. Restaurant Alma (beer and wine only)


          Brasa (beer and wine only


          Red Stag

          I've tried to keep you out of downtown, though most places will have valet which is obviously easier than parking. Most of these places are in NE/SE directly across the river and have parking. Spoonriver is nest door. Cue is in the Guthrie and is in a transition phase right now, may be a good night to try it. All of those websites include addresses and menus btw.

          Hopefully you're going to see The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the is outstanding. Enjoy your evening!

          1. i'd go to alma. unless i needed a stiff drink, then i'd go to 112 eatery. or saffron. if i didn't need a stiff drink, maybe some nice organic tea to go with my local microgreens and trout, i'd go to spoonriver. i also might want to get at least one course in the cue space (under transition) to see what erik anderson & crew are up to (and report back on the msp-- i mean midwest-- board).

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              Thanks so much! Long ago Pracna on Main was a happening restaurant. None of you mentioned it, but it does have a nice patio, yes? Has anyone eaten there?

              1. re: Lucymax

                Yes, beautiful patio along Riverplace. I haven't eaten down there recently, so I'm not a reliable source on Pracna.

                Just for fun, here are a few photos I took last week near that area.

                1. re: Lucymax

                  I will say this about Pracna's food: Pracna has a great patio.