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Jun 17, 2009 08:02 AM

pre make a fruit crisp?

I want to make individual fruit crisps in ramekins for father's day this sunday but I will be out and about with my dad. Can I assemble them in the AM, cover them, keep them in the fridge and then bake them off later? Wasnt sure if the crisp part wouldnt get crisp - anyone tried this? thanks!

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  1. I have done this with apple crisp. Same day or even overnight should be fine, unless maybe your filling is super juicy, but it shouldn't be. Even after it's cooked and the filling is saucy, leftover crisp is fine for a day or two in the fridge.

    1. I often make crisps ahead of time. I've pre-assembled the whole things many times, but lately, I keep the crisp part separate until ready to bake. I can't really say that I notice a difference, but I like to think that keeping 'em separate until ready to bake makes a difference Hum.

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        awesome, thank you. Its berries and peaches so hopefully will work out well. Happy fathers day!

      2. If I were you, I'd prepare the fruit and put it into baking dishes. Then make the topping and keep it separate until just before it all goes into the oven. Topping will remain crisp and fruit will be fine. I keep a huge mess of crumble topping - all mixed up and ready to go - in the freezer. Then it's only a quick matter of prepping the fruit, throwing on the topping (frozen is fine) and baking.