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Jun 17, 2009 07:43 AM

Grand Isle,Luke. Opinions?

Hi. I will be in New Orleans soon and was curious if anyone has been at either of these places recently? I'm thinking of Luke for breakfast and a lunch at Grand Isle.
The turtle stew sounds interesting at G I.

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  1. Grande Isle is simply ok. I think that for a casual restaurant their service is pretentious and the few times we have gone, we have the same snotty waiter who always seems to have a poor attitude. He would be better suited for a Parisian bistro than a casual restaurant. I think that there are much better places for casual seafood and sandwiches in NoLA at a much better value. My husband had a po boy (catfish or oyster) served with fries and it was 15.95! I cannot speak for the turtle stew as I have never tried it, Our total for a casual lunch for 2 with no alcohol was 52.00. Luke is a great bistro, and although I have never had breakfast, but I adore their pate as well as the veal cheeks. I am certain that the breakfast at Luke is as tasty as the lunch and dinner. Hope this helps!

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        Ditto nikinik. Turtle stew is nasty. Try Commanders for lunch m-f and order their turtle soup. They have specials, plus 25 cent martinis. Reserve the garden room.

    1. the turtle stew at GI is very good. eat at the bar, then move on.

      Luke has not disappointed, but have only done dinner there. have read good things here and elsewhere about brekkie and lunch, so wouldn't hesitate to do either at Luke.

      1. When Luke is on it's really great...definately worth a breakfast visit. The skillet potatoes are very tasty.

        Not a fan of GI. I've had 2 lunches and both were bad. I absolutely love the space and decor (the tiles & photos really appeal to me) but I cannot abide by bones and gristle in my duck po boy. The crab gratin was absolutely devoid of flavor. Just crab and geasy butter water. How you could possibly mess up crab and butter is beyond me...but it happened. Have a beer at the bar, check out the cool pix and then walk across Fulton Street and have a sandwich at Cafe Ernst.

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          How recently were you there? They hired a chef who used to work at Cochon (can't remember his name at the moment). I wonder if it changed after that?

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            Are you referring to GI or Luke? We were at GI in April, and while the food was ok, I don't think it was worth the expense or the attitude of our waiter. I do like the atmosphere, but other than that, it is nothing spectacular.

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              it has been a while...but I don't know if I'd try again

          2. I have never been to Luke but have had good and bad experiences at Grand Isle. I'll go back if someone else is buying.

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              You DO owe it to y'rself to eat @ Luke. It's clearly not haute cuisine, nor are many 3-meals-a-day restaurants in hotels. It is, however, some darn good food served in a room you either like or...We've enjoyed seats @ the kitchen window/wall, and on the lower level. Charcuterie, flammenkuche, beet salad, oysters, burgers and fries - also daily big-plate specials. We've never had a poor outing in the 8 tries in 9-10 months. Please write if you go.

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                Here's the problem. I get an hour for lunch (including the five minute walk to and from my office) and am rarely in town for dinner. So, if I can be sure to get in & out in an hour, I'll check it out. Last I heard that was not the case.

            2. I have had really good and truly wonderful meals at Luke on the four or five occasions I've been, ranging from excellent duck to addictive pommes frite to a very nice Alsation style tart.

              I will NEVER go back to GI, where I had one of the worst dining experiences of my life. On a Sunday night--they were busy, but there was nothing extraordinary going on (not Mardi Gras, no Sugar Bowl or other major event). They were "out" of all seafood, we were told after sitting for 30 minutes and repeated requests for a wait person; we (five of us) then ordered from the other menu options. After another 30 minutes and we still had no drinks nor appetizers, the waiter came and told us they were "out " of whatever else we had settled on. (I don't even remember what it was, but it seems like it may have been pot roast and some sandwiches as well as apps; I do remember we couldn't even get onion rings or fries.) We were pretty stunned and asked to see a manager, who came over and told us we probably weren't the right "match" for this restaurant--what, because we wanted seafood??--all but calling us rubes for being upset at not having been served anything after an hour or apprised of the "out of food" situation before we were seated. When we left, the hostess handed me a card and told me to contact the name on the card, saying under her breath that the place was often mismanaged. I was really upset, as I eat out all the time, upscale and down, and I had never been treated so badly in a restaurant. I never complain, but this time I e-mailed and got no reply.

              Months later, I had no choice but to have lunch there (business). I had a just-ok, overpriced po-boy and the service was so snooty as to be laughable--and everyone at the table noticed. There are too many good places. Skip it.

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                You must have had the same waiter we had. He must have gotten fired from a truly upscale restaurant for a bad attitude, hence he has a huge chip on his shoulder. We used a gift card there and dined with 5 friends, and ordered several bottles of wine and dinner entrees. We were told that it was too late to order certain items on the menu as well (mind you this is an hour before closing, the place was empty, and we ended up running up a 700.00 tab) We spoke with a manager, and they did agree to offer us the entrees we had ordered after much arguing on our part. They acted as though they did not want our business, and trust me...they will not have it again. There are too many awesome dining options in NOLA to waste your time on this place.