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Jun 17, 2009 06:14 AM

Pluots: Why don't I see them at NOVA farmers markets?

After visiting my parents in LA and tasting dozens of pluot varieties at various markets, I have looked for them here with no luck. What is up with that?

Anyone know of a good source?

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  1. you're about a month too soon, they're not in season yet.

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    1. re: xdcx

      But I had the same problem last summer too. CA growers seem to have so many varieties whereas here I just see plums, one sort. That's why I wonder if I am missing out on some hidden treasure trove! thanks

      1. re: tcamp

        One of the farmers at the Cascades market on Sunday morning has many varieties of plums. They might have pluots as well. I'd love to try some local pluots, plumcots, or apriums.

        1. re: Bob W

          I'd tasted pluots at the Pike Place Market in Seattle and tried to find them here. There seemed to be no locally grown pluots around.

          Allegedly the local high heat and humidity along with moths and fungi doom these trees to be low producers. I think I saw some at Whole Foods, but like apples from Washington State -- they'd traveled too far to be considered "farm fresh."

          Here's an interesting note from WF's blog about apricot/plum hybrids:

    2. There may not be many growers with these trees. Most farmers won't turn over an orchard until their trees are on the downside of maturity because there's a huge labor cost involved in removing one orchard and replacing it -- with a 3-4 year lack of marketable harvest on top of that.