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Jun 17, 2009 04:21 AM

Favorite romantic restaurant?

The place where you take someone, not on a first date, but when you realize there's something there. Or maybe an anniversary....

I am going with Scaramouche.

What's your favorite romantic restaurant in Toronto?

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  1. Sorry, I know you're probably looking for other ideas but I have to agree with you on Scaramouche.

    It's my number one spot and in fact, probably going to be celebrating our upcoming 10th wedding anniversary there.

    1. I'm sucker for the space at the Fifth... both inside and outside are gorgeous and very romantique (can't beat the terrace this time of year).

      Too bad the food on my last visit was completely meh... granted this was over a year ago, so if anyone has something positive to report I would be glad to hear it.

          1. re: bjinyyz

            True. Too bad about the food, though.

            1. re: Full tummy

              Oh I liked the food! Our meal was quite good. One potential drawback - we went in summer and it is not the coolest building in town. In fact it was quite warm inside which was difficult for my husband who tends to sweat -- if you're wanting to woo your sweetie you might keep this in mind if you don't like the heat (my poor husband had a hard time!).

              1. re: Full tummy

                I really did not have a problem with the food either. I have been twice and both times were pretty good. I know there is some recent noise around here regarding food issues. Let me know what your issue was. As mentioned, my wife and I had very little problem with the food. Nice little patio as well.

                1. re: bjinyyz

                  Oh, I haven't been in a long time, but just remember that it was unremarkable but a very charming little place. I had hoped for better, that is all. Maybe it's improved?

            1. I know that it is more casual, but my wife and I love Cava for romantic occasions such as our anniversary. We adore their little courtyard patio on a balmy evening and sharing small plates is very intimate IMHO. I also like that their corkage fee is very reasonable at $15 (and free on Sundays), so we can bring a great bottle from our cellar which also enhances the overall experience and keeps the price reasonable. For dessert, we usually skip over to Xococava afterwards for some exotic chocolates and/or ice cream to share.

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              1. re: bogie

                The backyard patio at Olivia's (on Clinton at College) is totally romantic. Trees and twinkle lights and cobblestones and old-fashioned music. The food there used to be great, but wasn't the past few times. I'd still go there for a glass of wine in that gorgeous courtyard, though.