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Jun 17, 2009 12:54 AM

Wedding venue with REALLY good food?

I am going to be getting married in Toronto, and we are looking for a venue with top notch food and a capacity of at least 125. We are both really into food and wine but don't live in Toronto, and want to find someplace with something other than bland banquet food. I would love to find something creative and fresh, with a good wine list or the possibility to bring in our own wine. A nice setting would great too of course, but I have been to too many weddings at "nice" places that have really mediocre food. Any thoughts?

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  1. Canoe or Auberge du Pommier would be good choices if they're within your budget (Canoe you can book on Saturdays; Auberge would have to be a Sunday). Great food and nice setting to boot.

    1. the estates of sunnybrook, hands down the best weddin food ever. vaughan estates holds up to 140 people, and they have a lvoel youtdoor site for ceremony.

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        I believe that proceeds from bookings at Sunnybrook go toward the Sunnybrook Hospital Foundation. The grounds are lovely and the food there was great when I attended my friend's wedding. The only drawback would be if guests don't have a car--not public transit friendly.

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          Really?? I've been to two weddings there and, while the food was quite good by wedding standards, it definitely wasn't anything special. Maybe it depends on whether you opt for an expensive meal choice or not?

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            I held my wedding at the Vaughan Estates 2 years ago and people still comment on how wonderful the food was.

          2. Two places I have done high end corporate events recently that I thought would be great for wedding venue (they had excellent food and good presentation)
            St. Lawrence Hall (Jarvis and King) with the restaurant next door Biagios' catering it.
            Also The Rosewater Room, beside the Rosewater Supper Club. Room is gorgeous, food was awesome and fairly reasonably priced.

            1. we got married at jump (same owners @ canoe/auberge as mentioned by a previous poster) ... we had just under 90 ppl but the venue can hold up to 160 (i think). REALLY commend oliver/bonacini for their flexibility - customized menu, multiple tasting, let us bring in our own desserts/cake, great wines, etc. we had an outdoor ceremony in commerce court, did cocktails on the patio and then had our meal inside. we're still getting comments from our guests about it being one of the best weddings they've been to (awww...) service was phenomenal.

              i'm attending a wedding @ george this fall ... also supposed a great place for food -- but i think the costs would be significantly higher.

              what's your budget?

              what's your timing?

              re: the comments about canoe and auberge -- they're both fantastic venues as well - we looked into them before settling on jump - canoe has beautiful views but the decor was a bit 'serious' for us, auberge is just lovely and as much as we love the food, we thought the rest of our guests might find it a bit TOO fancy. jump is very airy and modern -- not for everyone.

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                You were able to bring your own Desert AND Wine to Jump?? Thats impressive.

              2. check this out:

                there are other threads too ... but the search function isn't working for me right now...

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                  We were recently at a Bat Mitzvah party at Canoe and the food was fabulous. The view at night was gorgeous. You will also save money on parking, because I believe Canoe validates in the evening.

                  About eight years ago we celebrated our oldest son's Bar Mitzvah party at The Metropolitan Hotel on Chestnut St in downtown Toronto. The food was absolutely outstanding. They are the same people behind Lai Wai Heen and Senses catering and they were a pleasure to deal with. We had dietary restrictions- no meat, chicken or shellfish and they totally rose to the occasion.