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Jun 16, 2009 11:14 PM

Pre-concert meal in Pomona (or on the way there) this Saturday

I'm heading out to the Wilco concert at the Fox Theatre in Pomona this Saturday. Myself, the boyfriend and a friend are driving over from West LA. I'm looking for any dinner suggestions along the way (we can take the 10 or the 60). I'd like to at least get past downtown LA before we stop (preferably no more than 20 minutes from the venue since it's easier that way to time our arrival a little before doors open at 8pm). I did dim sum in the SGV a few weeks back, so I'm thinking something other than Chinese. Pricing can be mid-range - sit down, but nothing fancy.

It's a long drive, so I'm guessing there have got to be some pretty good eats along the way.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions - I'm looking forward to the responses!


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  1. Good Burger, rings and shake with a ]fun ambiance In City of Industry right off the 60.

    1. If you're in the mood for Mexican, I rec Los Jarritos I in Pomona.

      Los Jarritos Restaurants
      246 S Towne Ave, Pomona, CA 91766

      1. About 5 min. north of the 10 fry in Covina is the North Woods Inn. Check out the menu. Sone good steaks, lobster, fried chicken, and every meal comes with two salads and toasted cheese bread and a large baked potato. The prices are rrasonable and the meals are very large. You can "Split" the meal for a samll charge. To Split it means they put the meal on two plates and both of you can have the all you can eat sallad and cheese bread. I often have just the salad and chese bread because the blue cheese dressing is excellent and the toasted cheese bread goes so well with it. With the dinner it is all tou can eat salad and cheese bread and for the price of spliting the dinner it is a deal.

        Note, there is another location off the 10 fry at Rosemead (about 10 min North) and in the same parking lot as the North Woods is "The Galley" aka, "The Boat." Same owners but The Boat offers some really good chili cheese burgers and the same blure cheese salad. and toasted cheese bread

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          I used to go to the North Woods Inn growing up. I loved throwing the peanuts on the floor and the cheese bread. That might be fun for nostalgia sake.

          I'm glad to see a couple responses so I can suggest them to my party. Choices are always good!