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ISO Recs: Solid Santa Monica (Take Out) Lunch Spots

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My office recently began picking up the tab for our small staff's lunch orders and I was wondering if you all had any suggestions for places we might patronize day in day out. The price range generally has to stay in the 10-15 per person range.

Typically we go to places like Real Food Daily, Swingers, and Bay Cities.

Any thoughts for favorites?

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    1. If you didn't catch this post it looks like it would be a useful idea for your office:


      1. Tacos Por Favor is always pretty good. Joe's Pizza on Broadway is pretty sweet, too.

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          Love Tacos Por Favor - their red sauce is great!

        2. Buon Giorno on Santa Monica at 14th
          Cynthia's on the Corner on Montana between 15th and 16th.

          1. If it's To Go, try Huckleberry Cafe. Not great restaurant seating however.

            1. Bay Cities Deli seems an obvious choice. I believe you can fax your office's order and thus avoid standing in line.

              1. Have you done Il Forno Caffe for their power lunches?
                Babalu on Montana is also within budget if careful
                Ninjin has lunch combos at 6th and colorado
                Nawab of India has lunch specials
                for salads and sandwiches and whatnot, Jinky's or Jack'n'Jill's